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Town and County News May 30 1884

From the Dresden Enterprise
May 30, 1884

--But little over two months to the county election

--Mrs. Thomas Glass remains very ill at her residence near town.

--Prof. Charlie Denham and sister, Miss Allie, visited Dresden this week.

--The Prohibition Club, at its last meeting, obtained twenty-three accessions.

--Mrs. Polk Alexander and Mrs. W.A. Swaim, of Gleeson, were in Dresden Wednesday.

--Mr. George W. Winstead left for Athens last Monday, where he will deliver an Alumnal address.

--Mr. Thomas Fitzgerald, of Atlanta, Ga., formerly of this place, is visiting his mother, Mrs. J.A. Rogers.

--Dull times have set in and a local item is as hard to get as a straightforward answer from an evasive politician.

--The picnic to have been given tomorrow by the Dresden Sunday-school has been postponed until Friday, June 6.

--We need a Dean Swift to write up the political Liliputians who fume and fret their small souls in village councils.

--Miss Annie V. Bell, after an extended visit to relatives here, has returned to her home at Trenton, to the regret of her many admirers.

--Mrs. Annie Winston, who has been visiting her mother, Mrs. R.N. Irvine, the past few weeks, has returned to her home in Bowie, Texas.

--The cholera is still killing hogs in Dresden.  If this disease could be transferred to the Dresden dogs it would be changed from a curse to a blessing.

--This is the dull season for the towns but a very busy one for the rural districts, and consequently but few farmers are to be seen on our streets.

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