Friday, November 22, 2013

Postcard Photographs

Unidentified Man
card embossed "Scherer New York"
These three postcard photographs were in the same box together.  I don't know who they are and I don't know if they were together because they are related to each other or if it's as simple as they are three postcards and they fit neatly together.  

The postcard of the single man is embossed in the upper left corner "Scherer New York".  The photographer or perhaps just the company that printed the card?  

The card with the couple has no identifying marks at all.  

The last card tells the most, "Don't throw this away because it was taken in Colorado."  The Moran's took a  trip out west that included Colorado and some relatives moved to Colorado.  Virginia Moran's cousins Hattie Mai Shumate and Martha Belle Shumate both moved to Denver post 1900.  Another family member connected through the Cowardin branch of the family moved to Denver as well, Carrie Fuller Cowardin and her children Almus Sheffield Cowardin and Robert Purcell Cowardin.

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