Saturday, December 28, 2013

"In the Swim" with Robert Collier 1917

Robert "Bob" L. Collier and Mary "Mollie" Tatem Collier of Crab Orchard Kentucky took care of the Shumate girls quite a bit after the death of their parents in the late 1890's.   The Collier's kept in touch with Virginia Shumate Moran and the families visited each other up till the death of Bob and Mollie.  This postcard was sent to Virginia June 1 1917.  Bob was showing Virginia the type of car he was driving so I think this is just a postcard that anyone could have purchased rather than being a group of people that they knew.  He also mentions a "big blow out" on the 23rd of June.  The 1900 Census indicates he was born in June 1863 so I'm going to take a leap here and assume the big blow out is his birthday party! 

June 1 1917
Dear Virginia, I will try to leave here about the 8th and stop off for a day with you.  Had a letter from Mollie to-day and she wants me to bring you home with me.  Why can't you be ready to go and be there for the big blow out on the 23rd of June?  Look on opposite side and see the kind of car I am driving now.  You know I will drive just any old car and with any Lady just so I am in the swim.  Am feeling good, and hope to improve more before I leave here.  
Love Uncle R.L. Collier

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