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You Are Cordially invited to a Cake-Walking "Festible" 1891

The cake walk was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Kennedy aka Francis Marion Kennedy and his wife Elizabeth Summers.  F.M. Kennedy was born January 2 1830 and died February 3 1906 in Memphis.  He had been in Memphis just 10 days with his usual residence being Martin.  He was interred at Forest Hill Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Summers in 1848.  Elizabeth died in 1907 and was interred at the Yellow Fever Cemetery in Martin.  The family spent a lot of time in Kentucky and the 1870 Census lists the following in the household:
F. M. Kennedy age 40, occupation Grist Saw Mill
Elizabeth Kennedy age 36
William Kennedy age 17
Eliza Jane Kennedy age 16
Mary J. Kennedy age 15
James E. Kennedy age 10
John Bell Kennedy age 9
Charles M. Kennedy age 5
Virginia Kennedy age 2

He and B.F. Bondurant were the first elders at the Church of Christ in Greenfield. The April 22 1881 Dresden Democrat says of Mr. Kennedy that he is "one of the most enterprising men in Weakley county.  He now has 3 stave factories in operation in this county, one at Martin, one at Greenfield, and the other four miles west of that place."

He was obviously a successful man in business but on this day, Nov 10 1891, he and his wife were hosting a cake walk.

The committees:
Arrnagements: - J. Shipp, B. Claggett, A. Crawford, T. Taylor, L. Payne

Reception:-B. Hall, M. Duke, C. Scott, J. Cashon, W. McClanahan, J. Alexander.

Invitation:- E. Hutcherson, B. Parker, J. Carnel, E. Roberts, T. Christopher, H. Pearce

Floor Managers:- J. Wash, J. Kennedy, R. Richardson, H. Wilson, T. Ryan, K. Wood.

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