Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mrs. Charles A. Speigle, formerly Lura Doores

This tribute, from 1938, about the life of Lura Doores Speigle (Spiegel) was found among the papers of Virginia Shumate Moran who, with her sisters, spent much of their time in Crab Orchard with Robert and Mollie Collier.  So much so that the girls thought of the Collier's as second parents.  Though the Doores girls were older than the Shumate's, I feel it's safe to say that the families knew each other which is why Virginia retained this clipping about Lura.  Interestingly, the obituary which appeared in the Shelbyville Republican on July 5, 1938 for Lura mentions she has a great niece, Mrs. Pete Moran of Oklahoma City.  Possibly a distant Moran relationship worth delving into.

In Memory of Mrs. Charles A. Speigle,
Shelbyville, Ind.
Lura Doores,
sometimes seen as
Laura Doores
(Formerly Miss Lura Doores, Crab Orchard, Kentucky)
In our city of Crab Orchard there is a little concrete church (the Christian church) which is located on Lancaster street.  Just diagonally across the street from this church once lived Dr. W.M. Doores (William Morris Doores), who was the father of Mrs. Charles A. Speigle. (sic)  All the members of the family were members of this little church, the doctor being a very active member and often lecturing and preaching there.  Dr. Doores had no boys, but was blessed with five girls--Sally, Betty, Ella, Lura and Lelia.  The youngest, Lelia, being very pretty, was chosen a delegate to represent the Sunday school at a convention in New Jersey.  This was some fifty or more years ago.  While there she met Mr. Charles A. Speigle, a delegate from Shelbyville, Ind., whose father was a furniture manufacturer in Shelbyville.  Mr. Speigle thought he was very much in love with Lelia and made an engagement to come to Kentucky to see her, not one, but two--three times.  On the third trip he met all the family except Lura and, asking to see Lura, was told by Lelia that Lura was always busy.  But Mr. Speigle insisted upon seeing Lura, so Lelia informed him that she could be found in the kitchen.  When he opened the door Lura was on her knees scrubbing the floor.  After they became acquainted, Lura, being a very fine entertainer as well as being witty, held Mr. Speigle spell-bound so long that he missed the train on which he was to have left.  When time came to part he made an engagement to call on Lura his next trip to Kentucky.  On his return trip he made the proposition to Lura that they should form a partnership and take hold of his father's factory which was deep in debt.  After they were married they were very successful in their undertaking, for at Mr. Speigle's death eight years ago they had five factories going, all making money, and were heavy stockholders in several good concerns.  This they did by hard work.  But, best of all, they were both Christians and did a lot of charity work for which, we are sure, the Lord has blessed them.  Mrs. Speigle never forgot her Kentucky friends, sending checks to supply food and fuel for those who were needy.  In the spring of this year Mrs. Speigle died and upon the reading of her will it was found she had remembered the above church with a very substantial gift in memory of her father and mother.  Let every member of this church and every one who has an interest in humanity join in expressing deepest gratitude for having been honored by having this good woman trained in our little church--Our thanks to Mayor R.L. Collier for the above article.--Crab Orchard Correspondent.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Moran's and their dogs

KC, September 2011
The Moran family love their dogs.  I've seen many pictures from the past that included faithful dogs with their Moran owners.  This post is in memory of our Moran dog, KC.

KC came into my life in the summer of 2003 when I needed a friend and companion.  I was a long way from home and wasn't sure when I'd get back to my family so he provided me with a lot of laughs, love and attention.

The following summer KC and I moved back to Memphis and rejoined the family.  Over the years we made a lot of memories with that beautiful little white ball of fluff.  He passed away at 7:15 am, Wednesday, Feb. 20, 2013.  He is sorely missed.

In a few days I'll return to posting Moran History.