Saturday, December 28, 2013

Pressed, Cut and Crackled Glass

From cut glass vases to pressed glass candlesticks the Moran family enjoyed collecting glassware.  On a trip to New York they visited the Corning Museum of Glass.  I've included postcards from the trip as well as a photograph of a few items that graced the curio cabinets at Moran Place.

The Hall of Science at the Corning Glass Center.

Winged Wince Glass 17th C.
Spanish Cantir 18th C.

"In the Swim" with Robert Collier 1917

Robert "Bob" L. Collier and Mary "Mollie" Tatem Collier of Crab Orchard Kentucky took care of the Shumate girls quite a bit after the death of their parents in the late 1890's.   The Collier's kept in touch with Virginia Shumate Moran and the families visited each other up till the death of Bob and Mollie.  This postcard was sent to Virginia June 1 1917.  Bob was showing Virginia the type of car he was driving so I think this is just a postcard that anyone could have purchased rather than being a group of people that they knew.  He also mentions a "big blow out" on the 23rd of June.  The 1900 Census indicates he was born in June 1863 so I'm going to take a leap here and assume the big blow out is his birthday party! 

June 1 1917
Dear Virginia, I will try to leave here about the 8th and stop off for a day with you.  Had a letter from Mollie to-day and she wants me to bring you home with me.  Why can't you be ready to go and be there for the big blow out on the 23rd of June?  Look on opposite side and see the kind of car I am driving now.  You know I will drive just any old car and with any Lady just so I am in the swim.  Am feeling good, and hope to improve more before I leave here.  
Love Uncle R.L. Collier

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas from Moran Place 2013

Virginia Shumate Moran bundled these Christmas memories together many years ago.  When I unraveled the ribbon that had tied them together I found that most of the names on the gift tags were of her close family.  Sisters Louise Shumate Durway passed away in 1921 and  Maibelle Shumate Harris passed on in 1960, both in Texas. 

After the death of their parents, Nathan M. Shumate and Margaret Jane Adams, the three sisters went to live with their Uncle Quincy Shumate in Newbern TN.  The Quincy Shumate family became the girls second family and they thought of their cousins as siblings.  Hattie Mai Shumate Kingry died in 1956 in Colorado. Martha Belle Shumate Baum also lived in Colorado, date of death is unknown but about 1959. 

The tag to from Virginia from Aunt Mollie is most likely from Mollie Tatem Collier, wife of Robert L. Collier, of Crab Orchard Kentucky.  The Collier's didn't have children of their own and the Shumate girls spent a lot of time with the Collier's after the death of their mother.  Mollie died in 1938 and Robert in 1942.

The tag from "The Cobb's" would be from Virginia's sister-in-law, Marion Moran Cobb.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Snowy Day at Moran Place 1897 & 1979

 Moran Place 1979 and 1897

Moran Place in 1979.  View from down the street.

 Moran Place in 1979.  View from the driveway entrance.

 Moran Place ca 1897.  View from near the carriage entrance.  

Monday, December 23, 2013

Stereo Images by Ebenezer Elijah Henry, 1870

Though not in the best condition these pictures were found in the trunk of Sophia Gunn Moran located in the attic at Moran Place.  The pictures are dated June and July 1870.  The photographer was Ebenezer Elijah Henry of Leavenworth Kansas.  These photo's prove the stories that say the Gunn family was in Leavenworth for a brief time.  One of the photo's shows a line through Leavenworth and is penned Independence Missouri.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Happy Holidays from Ned Ray McWherter

Ned Ray McWherter was the Governor of Tennessee from 1987 - 1995.   He lived in Dresden and Kent has some funny stories and good memories to tell about Ned Ray, who owned the local beer distributorship.  The closest I ever got to Ned Ray McWherter was the library at the University of Memphis which was named for him.  I worked there from it's opening in 1994 till I moved on to Business and Finance in 1997.  Ria Moran saved holiday card and since it's the Christmas season I decided to post it in remembrance of Governor McWherter.  A son of Weakley County Tennessee.

Governor McWherter was born October 15, 1930 and died April 4, 2011.   He is interred at Sunset Cemetery in Dresden.