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Courthouse At Dresden TN pre-1919

This picture of the Courthouse in Dresden Tennessee was taken prior to 1919 since there aren't any "wings".  Those were added in 1919 by L.E. Wingo. For more information about the courthouse and 1948 fire that destroyed it be sure to visit the earlier blog post from 2011.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Florence Hotel, Montreal Quebec ca. 1896

Brud Moran did a lot of traveling so I feel safe in saying that this bit of hotel ephemera is a souvenir of a trip he made to Montreal.   I found a reference to Benjamin Trudel which said he was the proprietor of The Florence in 1894 and an article about the death of his wife in 1889 which took place at The Florence. Benjeamin Trudel died in August 1897 which means Brud visited Montreal about 1896.  Brud ticked off the site's he visited.

Quebec Canada
Benj. Trudel Propl & Manager

 "The Florence" is the most pleasant, attractive and comfortable house for tourists that can be found on this continent.  Its location unequalled and the panoramic view to be had from the Balcony is not even surpassed by the world renowned Dufferin Terrace, as it commands a full view of the River St. Lawrence, the St. Charles Valley, Montmorency Falls, Laurentian Range of Mountains and overlooks the largest part of the City.

Rooms with bath and en-suite, elegantly furnished and well ventilated, and the Cuisine FIRST CLASS.

Street cars pass the door every five minutes.

Telephone communication--Electric light and bell in every room.

Iron balconies and Iron stairs from very floor. Perfect safety assured.

For Souvenir of your visit secure copy "Illustrated Quebec"

 Places of Interest in Quebec.
Citadel (height 350 ft.)     Wolfe's Monument
Grand Battery                  Montcalm's Headquarers
Place D'Armes                 English Cathedral
Esplanade                        The Basilica
Martello Towers               Ursuline Convent
Durham & Dufferin Terrace  Notre Dame de la Victoire
Governor's Garden and Church (built in 1688)
Joint Monument to Wolfe   Laval University
and Montcalm                    Parliament Buildings
House where Montgomery  Montmorency Falls 275 Feet
 was laid                             Natural Steps

St. Louis and St. Foye Roads
Indian Village of Lorette and Falls
Lake St. Charles and Lake Beauport


Jacques Cartier landed on the banks of the St. Charles...Sept 14 1535
Quebec founded by Samuel de Champlain July 3 1608
Quebec surrendered to Admiral Kirk  1626
Quebec returned to the French 1632
Death of Champlain, first governor, Dec. 25, 1635
Quebec besieged by Admiral Phipps  1690
Battle of the Plains of Abraham  Sept 13 1759
Capitulation of Quebec Sept 18 1759
Battle of St. Foye - a French victory, April 28 1760
Canada ceded by treaty to England 1763
Blockage of Quebec by Generals Montgomery and Arnold Nov 10 1775
Death of Montgomery Dec 31 1775
Retreat of Americans from Quebec May 6 1776

On the back of the backside is a picture of the George Bishop Engraving and Printing Co. of Montreal.

Tragic Death of Mrs. B. Trudel, Accidentally killed by a Fall
A sad accident has cast a gloom over the Florence Hotel on John Street.  the proprietor's wife, mrs. Benjamin Trudel, who was walking around, apparently in the best of health yesterday morning, today lies in the grasp of death, the result of a fall on the front steps of the hotel during last night.  The news quickly spread through the town and shocked our citizens.  The first report was that death had resulted from a broken neck, caused by an accidental fall, but this was subsequently corrected and it was said that death was due to failure of the heart, or some other internal organ, and was not caused by the fall.  The circumstances of the accident are as follows:--Mrs. Trudel was about leaving the Florence at seven o'clock last evening, when she either slipped on the first step of the front stairway or fell in a fainting fit, is not authentically known, but the unfortunate lady when picked up on the sidewalk below was in an unconscious state.  She was conveyed into her home and Rev. Mr. Laplant, vicar of St. John's Church, immediately summoned.  The latter arrived just in time to administer the last sacrament of the church to the dying woman, who never uttered a word from the time of the casuality.  Doctors Verge and Paquin were early in attendance and all that could be done was done to bring Mrs. Trudel back to consciousness, but their efforts were in vain, as she passed away about ten minutes after her fall.  Deceased was contemplating a trip to Montreal to see her two children, Mrs. Resther and a little boy who is studying at the Jesuit college.
Quebec Daily Telegraph Dec 23 1889

Death of Mr. Benj. Trudel
Quebec's Popular Hotel Proprietor Passes Away
At an Early Hour This Morning 
His Career as a Business Man
We regret to announce the death of an active and enterprising citizen of Quebec, Mr. Joseph Benjamin Trudel, which occurred this morning, at 7:30, in the 57th year of his age.  Mr. Trudel had been for some time past suffering from Bright's disease, which, a few days ago, entered on a more serious stage and last night it was thought advisable by his medical attendants, as the only chance for life to perform an operation, which was accordingly done by Doctors  Ahern, Catellier an dHamel, but without producing the results desired.

Mr. Trudel was born in St. Roch, January 26, 1840, and started out for himself in life at the early age of 14.  He first went to Toronto, and obtained employment in the printing office of Messrs, Hunter, Rose & Co, remaining in that city till the firm obtained the contract for the Government printing in Quebec, when he returned to his native place.  He was still in the employ of the firm when one of the partners died, and the sisters of the deceased sold their interests in the concern to Mr. Trudel, who subsequently resold them to Mr. Desbarats, who carried on the business here till the removal of the seat of government to Ottawa.

On quitting the printing business Mr. Trudel brought his business faculties to bear on different successive occupations.  He started a hardware store; a manufactory of steel carriage springs, and a distillery, which last he left to become Chief of the River Police, and office which he filled for ten years.  He then built and operated the Florence Hotel in St. John's suburbs, which, under his management acquired a high reputation, and was for some time the fashionable hotel par excellence.  After this he acquired the Hotel Victoria on Palace Hill, which he enlarged and embellished, fitting it up with the latest modern improvements, providing an admirable cuisine, and making it a popular place of resort  for comercial men, as well as pleasure seekers.  His latest enterprise was the founding of the Turkish baths, immediately opposite the Hotel, an enterprise which was nearly completed at the time of his death, and will be of great and important benefit to the city.  He leaves a brother, Mr. Xavier Trudel, a son, Benjamin Trudel, and two married daughters, Mrs. A. Restor, of Montreal and Mrs. Z Drolet, of Quebec.

Mr. Trudel was a man of great enterprise and energy, and his loss will be deeply felt.
The Daily Telegraph August 16 1897.

Monday, December 30, 2013

You Are Cordially invited to a Cake-Walking "Festible" 1891

The cake walk was held at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. F.M. Kennedy aka Francis Marion Kennedy and his wife Elizabeth Summers.  F.M. Kennedy was born January 2 1830 and died February 3 1906 in Memphis.  He had been in Memphis just 10 days with his usual residence being Martin.  He was interred at Forest Hill Cemetery.  He married Elizabeth Summers in 1848.  Elizabeth died in 1907 and was interred at the Yellow Fever Cemetery in Martin.  The family spent a lot of time in Kentucky and the 1870 Census lists the following in the household:
F. M. Kennedy age 40, occupation Grist Saw Mill
Elizabeth Kennedy age 36
William Kennedy age 17
Eliza Jane Kennedy age 16
Mary J. Kennedy age 15
James E. Kennedy age 10
John Bell Kennedy age 9
Charles M. Kennedy age 5
Virginia Kennedy age 2

He and B.F. Bondurant were the first elders at the Church of Christ in Greenfield. The April 22 1881 Dresden Democrat says of Mr. Kennedy that he is "one of the most enterprising men in Weakley county.  He now has 3 stave factories in operation in this county, one at Martin, one at Greenfield, and the other four miles west of that place."

He was obviously a successful man in business but on this day, Nov 10 1891, he and his wife were hosting a cake walk.

The committees:
Arrnagements: - J. Shipp, B. Claggett, A. Crawford, T. Taylor, L. Payne

Reception:-B. Hall, M. Duke, C. Scott, J. Cashon, W. McClanahan, J. Alexander.

Invitation:- E. Hutcherson, B. Parker, J. Carnel, E. Roberts, T. Christopher, H. Pearce

Floor Managers:- J. Wash, J. Kennedy, R. Richardson, H. Wilson, T. Ryan, K. Wood.