Thursday, November 13, 2014

Ida Morehead Moran 1898, Boston Mass., by Elmer Chickering

We know from correspondence with her brother Brud Moran, that Ida took a trip to Boston in the first part of 1898.   Most likely she was visiting some of the Gunn relatives.  Lyman Taft Gunn, her grandfather, was from Massachusetts but had moved to Tennessee about 1840.  His first wife, Caroline Matilda Morehead died in Nashville in 1855.  His second wife, Mary Anne Hall, was born in Germany but her family migrated to Boston.  Lyman Taft Gunn died at the original Moran home in Dresden in 1890 and  Mary Anne moved back to Boston a few years after his death.  We have some correspondence from Mary Anne which tells us she and the Moran's kept in touch.  I think it's safe to assume Ida spent time and perhaps even stayed with Mary Anne during the visit.

The photograph was taken by Boston's premier photographer of the Gilded Age, Elmer Chickering.

Ida married William G. Timberlake in 1902, they lived in Jackson, Tennessee.  They had one daughter, Louise, who died at the young age of 4 in  1910.  Ida died of lumbar pneumonia with contributing factors being multiple sclerosis in 1936.

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