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Post-Civil War Roster Co. I 31st Tenn Reg C.S.A. by 1st Lieutenant J.W. Moran

Yesterday was the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Franklin, a battle in which John W. Moran participated and was wounded.  We think the photo taken by Theodore Schleier of Nashville is the earliest that we have of the Moran patriach. Schleier had his own studio in Nashville about 1863 and had completely removed to Knoxville by 1867. Based on that information we believe the photo dates from about 1866.

The following information was documented, post-war, by John W. Moran, 1st Lieutenant, Co. I 31st Tenn Reg. C.S.A. and was transcribed by his great-grandson, Kent Moran, back in the 1990's. At that time Kent was cross-referencing information from the list with information found in Tennesseans in the Civil War Vol II.  Recently we took another look at the transcription and have started adding additional information from other sources such as Findagrave, Fold3, etc.  The information here will be updated as we find information about the men in the unit.   We have the original document and will scan it once we find it in our ever growing collection of Moran files.  

In addition to the information about the unit, J.W.M. also documented the history of the Company's Battle flag which can be found here.

Key: The numbering was on the original document
X indicates listed in Tennesseans in the Civil War Vol. II
? indicates unknown in Tennesseans in the Civil War Vol. II
Other sources are noted in the body, i.e. Fold3,, IOOF etc)
** indicates my own note regarding the individual

J.W. Moran enlisted Sept 19, 1861

1. Captain Thomas L. Bell, Discharged (X) 
(Fold3- Age 29, enlisted Sept 17 1861, Trenton Tenn, by Esqr Irvine, Discharged May 20 1862. Roster dated Oct 6, 1863-Missionary Ridge, W.V. Sims was elected at the reorganization instead of Capt. Tom Bell. **Possibly the son of Pulaski Botts Bell and Sarah Lacey Nailing, distant cousin of J.W. Moran.)

2. 1st Lieutenant James C. Simmons, Resigned (X)
(Fold3- Age 36, enlisted Sept 17 1861, Trenton Tenn, by Esqr Irvine. Resigned March 24 1862, Simmons resigned "owing to disease of the bowels which produced Piles" which he believed made him unfit for further service.  **J.C. Simmons appears in the 1860 Census for Dresden Tn, age 34, occupation Constable, birthplace Kentucky.  Also in the household: Berilla (Browning) Simmons, age 35, South Carolina and Susan Simmons, age 8, Tennessee. Family trees on indicate he died Dec. 2 1877 in Weakley County TN. Appears in IOOF Ledger Book, page 189.) 

3. 2nd Lieutenant William Sims, Killed at Franklin (X) (Same as #4 in the Reorganized section)

4. Captain William V. Sims, Killed at Franklin (X) (Findagrave Memorial.  (Fold3- enlisted Sept 17 1861, Trenton Tenn, by Esqr Irvine.)  **Pre-War he was the postmaster at District 10, Weakley county.

5. 1st Lieutenant John W. Moran, Wounded at Perryville and Franklin and served through the war (X)

6. 2nd Lieutenant John W. Montgomery, Discharged (X)
(Fold3- Enlisted September 17, 1861, Trenton Tenn, by Esqr Irvine. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant May 8 1862. Appears on Roster dated Oct 6 1862, Missionary Ridge.  Tendered his resignation citing health reasons Dec 21 1862 supported by W.T. Wills, Surgeon 31st Reg Tenn Vols.  Montgomery suffered from chronic disease of the large intestines/diarrhea.  Discharged Feb. 3 1863. Age 27 years on roll dated May 12 1863 near Shelbyville.)  **Believe this is possibly the John W. Montgomery that married Unity Emeline Phillips in Weakley County in 1863.  He died in 1914 and was interred at Mt. Zion Cemetery in Gleason. Promoted to 2nd Lieutenant and ordered to duty on April 1 1863.

7. 2nd Lieutenant James P. Thomason, Captured after New Hope 1864 (X)
(Fold3- Name variations Thommasson, Thomasson. Enlisted Oct 23 1861, Trenton Tenn by Capt. Johnstone and/or Esqr Irvine. Company Muster Roll for May/June 1862 says he was sent to the hospital at Jackson from Corinth. Company Muster Roll for Aug 31 to Dec 31 shows he mustered in as a private and on March 28 1862 was elected to 2nd Bvt. Lieutenant and relieved from duty Aug 25 1862. Age 21 years on a Company Muster Roll dated May 12 1863 near Shelbyville.  Appears on a Company Muster Roll for Oct 6 1863 Missionary Ridge. Captured near Kennesaw Mountain June 23 1864.  Name on Roll of Prisoners Jas. P. Thomason.  Appears as James Thompson as a Prisoner of War received at Louisville, Ky.  Discharged Johnson's Isle, July 15 1864. He was released on oath June 15 1865 from Louisville.  On his Oath of Allegiance he listed Paris Tenn as his place of residence, age 23, complexion light, hair dark, eyes grey, height 5'8".) **There is a James Thomason born in 1841, son of Richard Lee Thomason and Elizabeth Smith living in Paris, Henry County, Tennessee.  He appears in the 1850 and 1860 Census with his parents and siblings.

8. 3rd Lieutenant L.B. Edwards (sgt), Served through War, Resident, Gainesville Texas 1900 (X) 
(Fold3- Enlisted Sept 17 1861, Trenton Tenn by Esqr Irvine.  Mustered in as Sergeant mustered out as 2nd Lieutenant.  Appears on a note in the record of John W. Montgomery, 2nd Lt. L.B. Edwards elected to fill vacancy left by resignation of John W. Montgomery Feb 1863.  On a May 12 1863 Muster Roll his age is listed as 18.  On an undated card he was relieved of duty by "the illegal consolidation of the 31 & 33 Regt Tenn vol" and ordered to report to Brigadier General Pillow.  In Sept/Oct 1863 he was on detached service and again in Jan-April 1864.  He resigned May 10, 1864 because he was a supernumerary officer and wanted to enlist "in a company of supernumerary officers as scouts in Genl. Forrest's command,")  **Records are ambiguous, seems there was more than one Berry Edwards, but believe this may be the Little Berry Edwards tha married Kate H. Caurthers on March 17 1875 in Weakley County TN.  Appears in the 1880 Census for Gainesville, Cooke County, Texas at the age of 35, occupation banker.  His wife Kate is 23.  Others in the household: Maggie Rice, age 10 niece; H.G. Edwards age 28 brother and a merchant; G Edwards age 20 brother also a merchant.  An L.B. Edwards was listed as a stockholder in the Dresden Bank.

9. 1st Sergeant Thomas Brown (pvt), Died in Hospital August 1862 (X)

10. Pvt. William W. Bookout, Wounded twice at Perryville (X)

11. Pvt. John B. Bookout, Wounded twice at Perryville (X)

12. Cpl. James F. Blakemore, Killed at Perryville (X)

13. John Brannon (Pvt J.H. Brandon), Unknown. Possibly killed at Perryville (X)

14. Pvt C. Bullock, Killed at Perryville (X)

15. Pvt. Sterling G. Biles, Served through war (X)

16. Jesse (Pvt Jesse Burrus), Died in Hospital (X) (?)

17. Pvt. James L. Castleman, Joined the scouts and killed (X)

18. Pvt. Car E. Callison, Wounded at Perryville and Deserted (X), (A Co. Bradfords Cav. Pvt.)

19. Sgt. Field and Staff William M. Crawford, Wounded at Perryville and served throuh war (X)

20. Pvt. William R. Clark (D Co.), Deserted (X)

21. James Covington, Discharged (?)

22. Pvt. William E. Deason, Unknown (X)

23. Pvt. Edward R. Frazier, Died at Columbus KY Feb 1862 (X)

24. Pvt. William R. Fifer, Wounded at Perryville (X)

25. Pvt. John F. Featherstone, Served throughout war (X)

26. John Eastridge, Deserted (13th Cav E. Co.) (X) (?)

27. Pvt. Milton G. Grimes, Died at Tupelo Miss (X)

28. Pvt. W. Haden Grimes, Wounded at Perryville (dead or deserted) (X)

29. Cpl. J.P. Grooms, Unknown (X)

30. Pvt. Coon E. Grooms, Died at Tupelo Miss (X)

31. Thomas Grissom, Died in Hospital at Tupelo Miss, (Possible name variations-

      Pvt. W.T. Grisham or Pvt. R.C. Grisham) (X)

32. Pvt. W.S. Greer, Unknown (X)

33. Sgt Benjamin F. Howard, Served thoughout war (X)

34. Pvt. John Harper, Unknown (X)

35. C.C. Hucker or Haden, Killed at Perryville (?)

36. Pvt. Archibald M. Hughes, Deserted (1st Cav K Co) or (19 Cav G Co.) (X)

37. Pvt. Dock E. Harmon, Died.  (Actually deserted (X))

38. James Jones (James Jones Pvt co.), Lost in the Cumberland Mountains (Possibly JJM Pvt G Co 31st Inf)

39. Pvt James S. Lynch, Deserted or Lost (X)

40. Harry Mulligan, Unknown (?)

41. James Mulligan, Killed at Perryville (?)

42. Sgt. Horrace B. Morgan, Killed at Perrville (X)

43. Cpl. T.R. Mangrum, Wounded at Perryville (X)

44. Pvt. W.N. McDuffie, Took the oath in Prison (X)

45. J.W. McCallister?, Killed at Perryville (?)

46. Cpl James T. Marcus, Unknown (X)

47. Pvt. M.L. Mayo, Discharged (X)

48. Pvt. James T. Marshall, Discharged (X)

49. Cpl. John E. Nunly, Killed at Perryville (X)

50. Sgt. Peyton B. Northcott, Died

51. Pvt. John Parks, Served through war (X)

52. Pvt G.W. Parks, Served through war (X)

53. Pvt. James C. Priest, Lost (X)

54. Drew M. Parsley (F Co.), Served through war (X)

55. Pvt. John W. Porter, Died at Columbus Kentucky

56.  Pvt James Phelps, Unknown (X)

57. Pvt Chris M. Rodgers, Died in Miss 62 (X)

58. Pvt. Mat. W. Rodgers, Killed at Murfreesboro (X)

59. Pvt. J.W. Rambo (Possibly I.W. Rambo), Captured at Chickamauga (X)

60. Pvt. H.W. Rambo, Served through war (X)

61. Pvt. William R. Redick, Killed at Perryville (X)

62. Wiley Redick, Killed at Perryville (?)

63. John Richie, Unknown (?) (Possibly J.P. Richie 13 Cav Sgt)

64. Jack Sullivan (Possibly T.J. Sullivan Co. F. Pvt, Died at Trenton, (X)

65. William Sullivan, Discharged (?)

66.  Pvt. John F. Sims, Wounded and discharged (X)

67. Erskin T. Somers (Sgt B.E.), Wounded at Perryville, Killed in East Tenn (X)

68. Pvt. J.W. B. Taylor, Died in Miss (X)

69. Pvt. H.A. Vaughn, Died at Trenton (X)

70. Pvt. E.C. Wright, Served though war (X)

71. Pvt. H. William Williams, Died in Miss 62 (X)

72. Pvt. John F. Watts, Wounded and died near Atlanta or Athens '64 (X)

73.  Pvt. Huey J. Williams, Discharged (X)

74.  W.C. Williams, Deserted (X)

75.  Pvt. Tip B. Walker, Unknown (X)

76. Doc Welch F.E. Pvt, Deserted (Francis E. K Co. 6th Cav)

77. Pvt. Rufus H. Welden, Discharged (X)

78. William Yeargin (W.B. Yergan Pvt I Co), Deserted (?)

79. Pvt. E. Dock Harmon, Deserted, Actually he was killed (X)

The following names did not appear on J.W.'s roster but are listed in Tennesseans in the Civil War vol. II

Pvt. Joseph W. Hammond, I Co. 31st
Pvt. W.H. Hammond I Co. 31st
Sgt. Quarter Master J.T. Hancock 31st
W.T. Harbert 31st Inf
E. Harmon Pvt. I Co. 31st

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