Thursday, January 9, 2014

Animals at Moran Place

In addition to interest in their own ancestry the Moran's were interested in animal breeding and champion lines.  After all they did have a working farm!  We've come across pedigree's for horses, cows, and dogs.  There are ledger pages recording when pigs "dropped" and were bred. And documents recording who they sold to and purchased from.   I would imagine that Brud was the one interested in the pigs and cows while the hunter of the family, Jim Moran, was interested in dogs and horses.

The open book in the picture shoes the pedigree of a dog named Monie Moran.  Her dam was Lionsheart Bluestone and the sire was Laddie Rodstone.  The breeder was Mrs. L.T. Holliday of Montana.  The year was 1921.

 And here you can see where "Old White Spot Sow dropped 10 pigs" and other assorted pig tales.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Louise Moran Formal Attire, ca 1940

Louise Moran was the youngest child and only daughter of Jim and Virginia Moran.  She was born in 1923.  One of Louise's legs is a bit shorter than the other, a condition that shows up in the Moran family from time to time.  

Louise attended University and majored in Nursing.  She moved to New York to pursue her career and met her future husband, Dr. Robert Atkins, at work. She and Bob didn't marry until 1961 and they had no children.

The photograph was taken by Linton Godown, a professional photographer living in Memphis.  He was married to Carolyn Cobb, Louise's cousin.

The dress on the right was still packed away in a trunk in Louise's bedroom at Moran Place.  It's definitely seen better days with some staining and small tears in the fabric but it survived and so does Louise.  She is the last surviving member of the "older" generation of Morans. 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

For the Scamp in us All ca 1921

I liked this picture when I first saw it but I loved it when I noticed that Jim Moran seems to have a child in a headlock while holding a cigarette casually in the other hand.   That blonde haired little boy is his son Nathan "Bub" Moran.  I don't know whose house this is or who the friends are but I love how everyone takes no note of the play between father and son.  

Kent said he had always heard stories that his dad (Bub) was a scamp and a handful for his dad (Jim) but for his mother, Virginia Moran, he was a sweetheart.  Yesterday was the 32nd anniversary of Bub's death.  This picture is dedicated to him and the scamp in all of us.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

The West Tennessee Strawberry Festival 1937

The 4th Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival took place May 5-7, 1937 in Humboldt Tennessee.  I've posted selected images from the Program Magazine with the first being the cover.

Queen Julia III
Miss Julia Peel, Rutherford Tenn., Queen of 1937 Annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.

Daughter of Grover C. Peel and Nell Brown Pearce.  Her parents are interred at Rutherford Cemetery.

In 1940 Julia was a Government Secretary at Bakersfield CA.  I think she may have come back to Tennessee.  A Julia Sharp Peel married James O. Barker on April 8 1951.

June Louise Thweatt of Humboldt was selected as "Miss Dixie" in 1936 at the Memphis Cotton Carnival Mid-South Beauty Revue.

She was the daughter of John Wilford Thweatt and Annie Delle WarmathMiss Thweatt died at the very young age of 22.  She and her parents are interred at Rose Hill Cemetery in Humboldt.

Edward Caldwell Barham of Milan was riding Charming Princess Mildred owned by J.G. Lusk of Greenville Miss. In addition the Barham Stables entered horses in the show that year.

He was the son of Henry Christian and Sarah Caldwell BarhamEdward married Sandra Harris.  They moved to Indiana where he continued to be an avid horseman.  From the tombstone he shares with Sandra:
Horses united the pathways of our lives.  Hearts created our everlasing love.  Honesty and integrity guided our existence with God's help.  We did it our way.

Willliam M. O'Donnell was the president of the O'Donnell Shoe company which spanned over thirty years in the Humboldt area.  The company produced shoes for everyone but their specialty was Riding and Military Boots.  According to the article they were the largest manufacturer of riding and military boots in the United States.  

O'Donnell was born in Minnesota in 1870 to William O'Donnell and Honora Hannegan.  His wife was Marjorie M. O'Donnell and they were married prior to 1930.  Though his company was in Humboldt it appears he maintained his residence in Minnesota since that's where he's listed in Census records.  He died in Humboldt two years after this article appeared. William O'Donnell was interred at Calvary Cemetery in St. Paul Minnesota.

In addition to the parade and horse show there was a children's parade.  In 1936 one of the prize winner's were Hobart Bodkin Jr and Betty jean Bennett with Teddy the dog.

I believe that's Lester Hobart Bodkin Jr, the son of Lester Hobart Bodkin Sr and Genrose Conway.  Hobart Sr. was an undertaker and owned Bodkin Funeral Home in Milan according to the 1930 Census.  Lester Jr married Martha Lee Graves in 1947.  His parents are interred at Rose Hill Cemetery in Humboldt.  In addition I came across an engagement article about a Rosalind Conway Bodkin from 1972, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Lester H. Bodkin, of Atlanta Georgia.

Living next to the Bodkin's in 1930 is the family of George Bennett and his wife Minnie along with their son Marion and his wife Wilma.  I don't know if they are related to the little girl in the picture but thought I'd through their names out on the chance someone else might know.

You just have to feel sorry for Alvin Hassell Jr.  He was born on the first day of the first festival and was known ever since as the "Strawberry Festival Baby."  He was the son of Alvin D. Hassell Sr and Mary Nell Scott.

He was born May 17 1934 so we now that's the very beginning of the Strawberry Festival in Humboldt!  Alvin Jr. married Lea Garner.  They are interred at Point Pleasant Cemetery at Paris Landing.

Helen Raworth Claiborne was the daughter of Thomas Burnell Claiborne and Emma Louise Raworth.  She married James "Brick" Walter Veirs in 1936.  She holds the honor of being the Second Reigning Queen of the Strawberry Festival. Helen and James are interred at Lebanon Cemetery in Haywood County TN.

Marie Hall from Martin TN, maid to Queen Julia.  Marie Hall seems to be a common name for that time period so I wasn't able to determine which Marie she might be.

Mary Frances Henning, 1937 Maid to Queen Julia, passed away on August 18 2013.

Hot Springs-  Mary Frances Vaughn Sledge died peacefully at home August 18 2013 in Hot Springs Arkansas at the age of 96.  Mary Frances was born August 6 1917, the only child of Lillian Burks and Walter Henning in Dyersburg TN.  She attended Dyersburg High school and was Miss Dyersburg.  She participated in the Memphis Cotton Carnival.  She was a member of the First United Methodist Churc in Tiptonville TN and later Christ United Methodist Church in Memphis.  She belonged to the Tiptonville Women's club, the Nineteenth Century Club of Memphis and active with the Salvation Army.  She was the wife of J.E. Vaughn and Norfleet Sledge.  Her full obituary can be found here.

Alice Nell Wray had the honor to be the First Queen of the West Tennessee Strawberry Festival.  She was the daughter of Lyman P. and Clara Wray.  She married Walter Lewis Eubank September 29 1938 in Gibson Tennessee.  Alice and Walter are interred at Hollywood Cemetery in Jackson Tennessee.  Her parents are interred at Rose Hill Cemetery in Humboldt.

There is so much information in the Festival Program that I hope to add to this page over time.  Advertisements, articles and more pictures will be on the way.