Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Curtis Publishing Co. Asks a Favor, 1911

The Curtis Publishing Company published great magazines such as The Ladies' Home Journal and The Saturday Evening Post.  In this letter from 1911 to Brud Moran they asked him to list some people on the back of the letter who might be interested in being local POST agents and return the letter with names to Curtix Publishing.  Brud wrote some names but that's as far as it went unless he sent it the information in a separate letter.

Most of these folks are known relatives like the Scott's in Texas, others were family friends such as Attorney Sharp of Corinth.  Whoever they were Brud felt comfortable enough listing them as people that might interested in the Curtis Publishing scheme!

October 12, 1911
Mr. C. H. Moran
Dresden Tennessee

Dear Sir;-
Assuming you are an interested reader of THE POST, I write to ask a favor:  Will you name five or ten friends or neighbors who might care to earn some extra money by doing a little pleasant work for us.

We want someone to appoint a local POST agent for us in your town - and perhaps later in other towns.  It will take only a short time and whoever does it will be well paid.

By sending us their names on the back of this letter, you will do a great favor to them.  Of sourse we will not mention your name.

A stamped envelope is enclosed. Thanking you in advance for an early reply, I remain

Very truly yours
The Curtis Publishing Company 
R.C.  Clot...
Contract Manager

And on the back are the lucky names Brud penned...

Known family:
Dr. Arthur Scott, Temple Texas, nephew of J.W. Moran and noted cancer specialist and a founder of the Scott-White Hosptital
Mr. Oscar Scott, Gainesville Texas, nephew of J.W. Moran
Mr. James Burns, McKenzie Tennessee.  Another cousin from the Harris side out of Carroll County. He married Mary Lee Harris, another 1st cousin to J.W. Moran
Mrs. Agnes Irvine, Dresden Tennessee, sister of J.W. Moran
George Woods Harris, St. Louis Missouri, employee of Ely Walker, 1st cousin of J.W. Moran through Williamson Harris of Carroll County TN
Mr. George Martin, Martin Tennessee, I believe this is George Washington Martin, a distant relative of the Moran family through the Martin/Gardner/Irvine/Noran families.
Mr. and Mrs. Finis Garrett, another cousin through the Harris line from Carroll County and U.S. Congressman
Mr. Eugene Boyd, a cousin through the marriage of Martha H Moran to Rufus Franklin Scott.  At one time he worked as a cashier at the Dresden Bank.
Mrs. Zachary Taylor Collier, McKenzie Tennessee.  Because of this letter that Brud saved I was able to determine that she was Ada Medora Harris and married Zachary Taylor Collier, yet again another cousin through the line of Williamson Harris of Carroll County Tennessee.

Friends and Possible family connections
Mrs. Mattie Stone, lived in Texas.  There are other Stone family in Moran tree but at this time unknown how she might be related.
Attorney Sharp, Corinth Mississippi.  This is Major Samuel Sharp, a friend and fellow soldier of J.W. Moran's during the Civil War. 
Mr. Eugene Freeman, Huntingdon TN.   Another possible cousin from Carroll County.
Mr and Mrs. Harvey Armstrong, Chattanooga Tennessee.  No clue who these people are at this time.
J. McK. Wright, Jacksonville Florida.  Cf Wright Barrel & Coal Co.  No clue and I'm not sure if I've transcribe the name correctly.
Mrs. J.A. Hefley, Union City Tennessee.  This would be Lou Emma Odom who married John Armstead Hefley.  Originally from Carroll County they moved to Union City Tennessee.  No clue who they are.
Dr. Wright, Huntingdon Tennessee. No idea.
Mrs. Tom Jones. Name too vague.
R.P. Whitesell was Robert Peter Whitesell of Union City Tennessee.  He was a prominent land owner and lawyer. No idea the connection.
Haynes Ayres.  I've seen the name before but don't remember in what connection.
Morris Akin.  Name too vague.