Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Brook Hill Dog by Alexander Pope II

Because we love animals so much, particularly dogs, one of our most treasured pieces from Moran Place is a lithograph on tin of a dog from 1911. The artist is Alexander Pope II.  

The lithographs were given to bars in pre-prohibition days to promote a line of Whiskey. The picture is quite large.  The tin itself measures 39 1/2 by 29 1/2 inches and is rather large.  

The picture to the left is when we first unwrapped a few years ago.  

Since that time we have given it a place of honor on our mantel next to Kent's deer head trophy.

Here is a closeup of the name of the artwork:

And here is the artist's signature.

The Moran's actually had two copies of this treasure.  One of them which was in very poor condition hung in the workshop behind the house, unframed, nailed to the wall.  At some point the eyes had been shot out!

The one we have had been stored in Uncle Brud's room and was still in the Mayflower packing box.   It was one of many items that came back when Nathan H. Moran and his family returned to Dresden to take up residence at Moran Place after the death of his parents, James H. and Virginia Moran.  So many of the items the family brought back were never removed from the packing boxes.