Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Fin de Siecle Club, Jackson TN, 1898

Fin de Siecle: of, relating to, or characteristic of the close of the 19th century and especially its literary and artistic climate of sophistication, world-weariness, and fashionable despair.

Some quick research tells me that several of the people (Mrs. R.H. Cartmell, Mrs O.J. Nance, N.S. White, Miss Callie Mallory, Mrs. J.E. Springbett) on the member list resided in Jackson TN which leads me to think the book came into the family through Ida Moran.  She married William G. Timberlake of Jackson TN and resided there after her marriage.

The Battle of the Strong was serialized in The Atlantic Monthly starting in January 1898.  It came out later that year in book form and was a best seller in the United States ranking number 10 on the best seller list for that year and rising as high as number 2 the following year. Source: Wikipedia

Fin de Siecle Club book guidelines and member list:
This book must be forwarded to the next on the list, on the 1st, & 15th, of each month.  A heavy fine will be imposed for careless handling.  Notify the Sec. Miss Callie Mallory, if not delivered on time, or abused.
Name   Rec'd  Deliv'd Condition
1. Mrs. H. Tomlin 
2. Mrs. J.D. Morgan
3. Mrs. C. Sutton
4. Mrs. R.H. Cartmell
5. Miss Callie Mallory
6. Mrs J.R. Withers
7. Mrs. H.C. Iroy
8. Mrs. W.R. Stout
9. Mrs. Riley Ely
10. Mrs. N.S. White
11. Mrs. Muse
12. Miss Mary Bell
13. Miss Mamie Caldwell
14. Mrs. P.J. Murray
15. Mrs. W. Chandler
16. Mrs. Hamilton
17. Miss F. Mallory
18. Mrs. S. Reid
19. Mrs. R. Balch
20. Mrs. Fulghum
21. Mrs. J. Friddle
22. Mrs. J. Springbett
23. Mrs. P. Bates
24. Miss A. Stephens
25. Mrs. O.J. Nance
26. Mrs. Tom Long