Saturday, January 2, 2016

Mrs. Charles R. Morehead, 1891

1891, Mrs. C.R.Morehead, El Paso, Texas
Theo C. Marceau, fotographer,
826 Market St. Phelan Building
San Franciso, CAL

In keeping with yesterday's theme I'm posting a picture that may or may not be Mrs. Charles Robert Morehead, aka Lemire Morris Morehead.  The back of the photo is stamped  "C.R. Morehead, El Paso Texas" and "Mrs" is written in pen before the stamp. It is also annotated "1891."  So does that mean the picture is of Lemire Morehead or did she stamp the photograph to show ownership?  I've written about Charles and Lemire back in 2012.  You can see a picture of her as a young woman in that blog post.  I know she was living in Los Angeles during the later part of her life and that's where she died in 1910.  

This 1891 picture was in a group of several other pictures including the one marked "Cousin Turner to Cousin Fannie."   It's interesting to note that Lemire and Charles named their daughters Ida and Fanny.  We're certain that John W. Moran and Sophia Gunn Moran named two of their daughters after the Moreheads.   Fannie Lemira Moran was most likely a nod to Lemire Morris Morehead as well as Lemire's daughter Fanny and their other daughter was named Ida Morehead Moran and most definitely was named after Charles and Lemire's daughter, Ida Morehead!

Theo C. Marceau was a well known San Francisco photographer.  The following comes from The San Francisco News Letter, July-Dec. 1896:

The signature at the foot of these lines has become a
household word in San Francisco. Photography, as
there are few cities in the world that can beat us at it.
practiced here, has indeed become one of the arts, and
course, but patient study and care in every detail has
Our atmosphere may have something to do with it, of
achieved more than anything else. Theo. C. Marceau,
Phelan Building, can improve upon nature in his photo-
whose beautiful studio is at 826 Market street, in the
graphs, and when one considers how handsome our women
especially, find satisfaction in posing before his cameras.
are, that is saying a great deal. A single glance at some of his work will suffice to prove what we say. Ladies,
the person, divine their moods, and know how to catch
One must be an artist to know how one will look at one's best; one must be able, as it were, to fathom the nature of
work done is perfect. All the latest styles of photography
them upon the plate that will hold them forever. This Mr. Marceau does, and he is surrounded by such efficient assistants in every department that every detail of the
absolutely lifelike. Considering the quality of his work,
can be had in his studio. His color work is simply beauti- ful, and adds something to his pictures that makes them his prices are very low, reputation, in his case, bringing
him all the patrons he can desire.

Friday, January 1, 2016

Cousin Turner to Cousin Fannie, ca. 1880-1900

I'm starting out the New Year with a photograph that is annotated "Cousin Turner to Cousin Fannie" taken at Bingham & Hilliard's photography studio in Memphis Tennessee.  The Fannie is Fannie Moran but Cousin Turner is a bit more mysterious.  But I guesstimate that it's possible Cousin Turner is a Morehead.  The Moran's are related to many Moreheads including Turner Morehead who is connected via his daughter Caroline's marriage to Dr. Lyman Taft Gunn, the father of Sophia Gunn who married John W. Moran. 

The picture dates from 1880/81-1900. I use those dates because Charles D. Hilliard joined the Bingham Photography studio in 80/81 to form Bingham & Hilliard in Memphis. There were a large group of Morehead's living in Memphis and it's possible that this is the Turner Morehead that appears in the Sholes' Memphis Directory for 1895.  More research is needed.