Saturday, January 14, 2017

Unknown Woman? by Gebhardt & Co., Memphis Tennessee

Here we have another photograph of an unknown woman, maybe.  See update below.  The only thing I do know is that the photograph was taken in Memphis, Tennessee at the Gebhardt & Co. studio located on Main street.  However, because she was a lady she used the ladies entrance  at no. 2 and 4 Mulberry Street!

The photo was taken between 1880 and 1895 which is when the Gebhardt studio, by this name and at this location, was in operation.

UPDATED January 15 2017

Today, Kent looked at the photograph and said she looked like the same woman in a painting we have.  We compared the two and she does appear to have the same facial features and she is prominently wearing a good size brooch.    The painting is that of a woman not yet married in her finery with her hair still down while the photograph is the married matronly picture showing a settled woman.  At least that's what we think!

We know the painted woman is Louise Elizabeth McLean, wife of Quincy Shumate. She was born July 28 1855 in Tennessee a daughter of Ephraim Harvey McLean and Mary Frances Hardin.  We know this because there is a fragile piece of paper on the back of the painting that tells us that it was painted by her daughter Pattie Shumate. The note also tells us that Pattie painted and it was her first first painting ever! She goes on to say that she was using a picture taken from a tintype, 3 1/2" x 4 1/2",  of her mother that was taken about 1876, it was a year or so before her marriage to Quincy and she was about 21 years old in the painting.  And it was taken in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Monday, January 9, 2017

E.T. Edwards, Gainesville Texas

Eugene Taylor Edwards
I wasn't sure I would be able to figure out which Edwards family this little guy came from or how he might be connected to the Moran family. Even with a photograph that has been annotated I sometimes come up with dead ends but I believe I came across enough clues to identify him as Eugene Taylor Edwards, a very distant Moran relative.

Eugene Taylor Edwards was born September 15, 1889, in Gainesville, Texas.   He was the son of Pattie Ophelia Taylor and Little Berry (L.B./Berry) Edwards.  

L.B. Edwards was born about 1843 in Dresden, Weakley County Tennessee.    His father was Thomas Cotton Edwards who was originally from Sumner County Tennessee but moved to Dresden sometime after 1820. L.B.'s mother was Pauline Bransford Bondurant, originally from Buckingham Virginia.  L.B. was just one of about 15 Edwards children.

L.B. Edwards served with John W. Moran in the 31st Infantry TN (Col A.H. Bradford) CSA. Records indicate he was just 18 years old in 1862. His future wife, Pattie, was just one year old in 1862.

Pattie Taylor Edwards
Pattie Ophelia Taylor was born in 1861 in Brownsville, TN. She was the daughter of Samuel E. Taylor and Mariana Green.  She and L.B. were married November 23, 1886, in Haywood County, Tennessee.  Their son Eugene Taylor Edwards was born September 15, 1889.  

L.B. Edwards died on April 8, 1900.  He was interred in Fairview Cemetery in Gainesville where several other Moran Texas relatives are interred as well.

Starting about 1912, I came across passport records for Pattie that even included a photo.  It seems she began to travel with some of her destinations being Cuba and Hawaii.  

Pattie Ophelia Taylor Edwards died August 17, 1936 in El Paso.  She was interred with her husband in Gainesville.

As for Eugene, I came across a wedding announcement in the El Paso Evening Post dated July 26, 1928, that indicated he was a graduate of the High School in Gainesville, Texas, where he lived prior to moving to El Paso.  From there he was a graduate of the University of Virginia and then of Harvard.  He was an attorney with the law firm of Lea, McGrady, Thomason & Edwards.

He married Mary Rebecca Hayes on June 18 1928 at the Methodist church of Morganfield, Kentucky. She was the daughter of Richard Foster Hayes and Mai Elizabeth Jenkins. Mary had made her home in El Paso a few years earlier where she taught at El Paso High School.

Eugene and Mary had two children: Katherine Elizabeth Edwards and Berry Hayes Edwards. Katherine was born in 1929 and died in 2015.  She married Edward Bruner Crain.  Berry was born in 1931 and died in 2010.  He married Ruth Helen Deutsch.

Mary Rebecca Hayes Edwards died August 11, 1977.  Eugene Taylor Edwards died the following year on May 20, 1978.  They are both interred at Restlawn Memorial park.