Friday, August 15, 2014

Mrs. George N. Larven/Miss Minnie Glasgow Calling Card

This card is something of a mystery.  Is Mrs. George N. Larven the former Miss Minnie Glasgow or did someone just use the Larven calling card as scratch paper to jot down Minnie's name?

The only George N. Larven I've found appears in the 1860 Census for Maury County Tennessee, District 9. He is one month old and the entire family is incorrectly listed as "Laven."   His father, John Larven is 41 and a coach maker.  John Larven's personal estate was valued at $100 and he was born in New York. His wife is Sarah E. Larven, age 31, also of New York.  All of their children were born in Tennessee: Sarah M. age 10, John H. age 8, Mary E. age 6 and George N. was just 1 month old when the enumerator came by that day on June 20, 1860.  The post office was Columbia Tennessee.

A search of the 116 million Find-a-Grave records reveals just 9 Larvens, all buried in Molong, New South Wales, Australia.  Searches of all the usual search engines and genealogy sites were no help.

This may be the only thing left to let us know the Larven family existed.  

Monday, August 11, 2014

Monteagle Sunday School Assembly ca. 1885

Here's a ticket from about 1885 to the Monteagle Sunday School Assembly.  For the price of $8, Fannie Moran paid for two classes: Primary Methods and Elocution.  The ticket was signed by T.H. Peebles, Treasurer of the Assembly.

The Monteagle Sunday School Assembly was founded in 1882 and is still in existence today!  In addition to their website they have a Facebook Page too.