Saturday, April 7, 2012

Nathan Harrell Moran holding a pinwheel

Here's another cute picture of Bub.  This was probably taken about 1922.  I'm pretty sure that's a pinwheel he's holding and doesn't he look adorable in that ruffled shirt?

Friday, April 6, 2012

Ida Morehead Timberlake in her wedding dress

Ida Morehead Moran, known as Teatot, married William Gilmer Timberlake on November 26, 1902, in Dresden Tennessee.  They made their home in Jackson Tennessee where Will was a successful Attorney.

Teatot and Will were blessed with a daughter, Dorothy Louise Timberlake, born in 1906 but she died at the age of four on July 15, 1910.

Of the three Moran girls Ida was the best musician.  She played piano at many functions and probably got her musical talent from her mother, Sophia Riley Gunn, who was Dresden's music teacher and first organist at the Methodist Church.

Ida died June 25, 1936, from lobar pneumonia.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Carolyn Elizabeth Cobb, circa 1914

This little girl with the enormous bow in her hair is Carolyn Elizabeth Cobb, my husband's cousin once removed.

She was the daughter of Marion Moran of Dresden Tennessee and Charles Henry Cobb of Union City.

She married Joseph Linton Godown of Memphis in 1938.

I love her sideways glance, the absurdly oversized bow and the tassle hanging from her sock. Even though she's dressed so prim and proper her eyes scream imp!

Carolyn was born in 1907 and passed away in 1997.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nathan Harrell Moran abt 1920

This little boy is my father-in-law Nathan Harrell Moran aka Bub.  He was born in Dresden Tennessee on April 8, 1918.  His parents were James Henderson Moran III and Virginia Shumate.  His older brother was James Henderson Moran IV and their younger sister is Louise Marion Moran.

While stationed in Germany he met his future wife Maria Franceska Fuhrman (Ria). Their oldest son Charles Scott Moran was born stateside in Alabama while their youngest son, Nathan Kent Moran, was born in Japan.

During the 1960's the family lived in Kansas City.  They returned to Dresden after the passing of Bub's father in 1968 and took up residence in the family home known as Moran Place.

Bub was a devoted husband and a concerned parent and he was a bit of rebel.  In addition he enjoyed sports and fixing mechanical things.  He was a proud member of the Air Force and was a Major at the time of his retirement.  He liked big cars, airplanes, and the occasional beer.  Bub enjoyed watching Sanford and Son but hated Archie Bunker and All in the Family.

He did not dwell on the past nor was he interested in family history and would probably not understand nor care about our interest in genealogy.  Perhaps that comes from living in a home steeped in family history.

Bubs two children grew up.  Both attended college.  Scott received his Master's degree in Education and Kent, my husband, earned his Ph.D in History.  Both men married and have children thus assuring the Moran name continues.  Bub's wife Ria is alive and doing well at the age of 86!  Moran Place is 117 years old and though it's not as grand as it once was it's still hanging in there.

Bub passed away on January 6, 1982, in the same bed and room where he was born at Moran Place. How many of us will be able say that when our time comes?

His birthday is just a few days away.  He would be 94!

Happy Birthday Bub!


Martha Belle Baum (Marty)

Dr. Harry Lester Baum with his daughter Martha Belle Baum (Marty).
Taken about 1922 on the porch steps of the Baum home in Denver Colorado

This card was attached to
Marty's birth announcement/
baby calling card.

Martha Belle Baum, affectionately known as Marty, was the daughter of Dr. Harry Lester Baum, a prominent Denver physician and Mason, and his first wife Martha Belle Shumate.

Note the shred of blue ribbon
still attached to the card. Perhaps
Harry and Martha had planned
for a boy and didn't have
pink ribbon on hand!

Marty was born July 28, 1919 in Denver Colorado.   We have the birth announcement envelope and calling cards of Marty and her parents that were sent to Mr and Mrs J.H. Moran (James Henderson Moran III and Virginia Shumate Moran).  Virginia was the sister of Marty's mother.

Envelope addressed to
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Moran 

Marty married Willis Turner Frank and I believe they had at least one child.  In addition, I think she and Willis divorced. At some point it appears that Marty became involved with Vernon V. Porter as a business partner and as "very good friends" as reported in the 1960 case Quandary Land Development Company vs. Vernon L. Porter but parted ways both as business partners and as friends.

Unlike her mother, Martha Belle Shumate Baum, we know that Marty Frank, Martha Belle Baum, passed away in Pinal Arizona in May 1983 but we don't know where she is buried.

If you are a Baum relative we'd like to hear from you.  Perhaps you can fill in some of the questions we have regarding the death date of Martha Belle Shumate and where she is buried and perhaps we can fill you in on your Tennessee relatives. To contact us leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Monday, April 2, 2012

1926-1927 Methodist Episcopal Church, South, Directory, Dresden Tennessee

The Moran's were very involved in the Methodist Church of Dresden, Tennessee.  In 1869 the church purchased its first organ with the help of a young music teacher from Nashville named Sophia Riley Gunn who was just 16 years old.  She volunteered to solicit funds for the organ and when enough money had been collected she was asked to travel to Nashville to select and purchase the new organ  Sophia became the church's first organist.  Two years later she would marry a local businessman named John Williamson Moran.

With that auspicious beginning the Moran's began a relationship with the Methodist Church that spanned over a hundred years.  However, it takes many more people to build, grow and maintain a religious organization and we thank each of the individuals for their time, money, and devotion to the Methodist Church of Dresden.

Methodist Episcopal Church, South
Dresden Tennessee
Rev E.L. Robinson Pastor

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Last Shumate Sister, Louise Shumate Durway

Back of Louise Shumate Durway's headstone.

I am always on the lookout for the Shumate name as it relates to my husbands family.   Louise Shumate was the third and last daughter of Nathan McClary Shumate and Margaret (Maggie) Jane Adams of Rockcastle County Kentucky.

According to census records she was born about 1891.  Until a few days ago the last place I could track her was in 1900 in Newbern Tennessee.

Mrs. Newton Temple Harris (Maibelle Shumate)
Mrs James Henderson Moran (Virginia Shumate)
Mr. Joseph Clay Durway
Gratefully acknowledge your kind
expressions of sympathy in
their bereavement.
After the death of her parents Louise and her sisters, Virginia and Maibelle, lived with their uncle Quincy Shumate and his wife, Lou Porter, and their children: C. Porter Shumate, Hattie Mae Shumate, Pattie Shumate, Francis (Mackie) Shumate, and Martha Belle Shumate.  Many people even list Louise and her sisters as daughters of Quincy rather than being his nieces.

Front side of Louise Shumate Durway's headstone. According to the writing on the back, the numbers
correspond to the sender of each floral arrangement.  Joseph Clay Durway sent #1, Virginia Shumate Moran sent the astors marked #2, another Durway sent the flowers marked #3 and #4 is Becky's Bouquet.

I came across some photographs many months ago along with a calling card that said Mrs. Joseph Clay Durway.  The photographs were of a grave and headstone that said Durway.  Another photo showed the headstone but flowers were in front of it and I didn't pay much attention to it because I didn't know any Durways  and didn't know where they fit into the Moran genealogy puzzle.  In addition there were a few other pictures and a bereavement card with some names that I recognized and one I didn't.   I looked closer at one of the photo's two days ago and saw a partial name, Louise XXXmate, wife of Joseph Clay Durway.  Immediately I realized that had to be the lost Shumate sister and that she had married a Durway.

Louise Shumate Durway
calling card
Some quick searching confirmed what I suspected.  However, I am still at a loss as to when the couple was married and when she died.What I do know is that in 1900 she was living in Newbern Tennessee.  By 1910 she was married to and living with Joseph Clay Durway in Fort Worth Texas.  She appears again in the 1920 census with her husband.  She has been replaced in the 1930 as his wife by a woman named Mary Violet Parker.  A search of the Fort Worth City Directories shows Joseph C. Durway living with his wife Mary as early as 1924.  The logical conclusion based on the photographs is that Louise Shumate Durway died between 1920 and 1923.

I imagine that Louise met Joseph when she visited her sister Maibelle who married Newton Temple Harris of Fort Worth. Many of the Moran's extended family moved and settled in Texas including the Scott clan of Gainesville Texas.  One thing I do know is that Louise enjoyed drawing and painting because we also have a piece of her work signed by her. 

Art by Louise Durway.
Update- January 10, 2018
Joyce posted on another entry that Louise Shumate married Joseph Durway in Fort Worth, Texas in June 1909.