Friday, May 18, 2012

Martha Sharp Crawford aka Sunny Von Bulow

This is the kind of family connection that is fun and makes me laugh.  Kent is related to Sunny Von Bulow, she is the grand niece of the wife of the brother in law of his grand aunt.

Here's how:

Kent's father was Nathan Harrell Moran
Nathan's father was James Henderson Moran III
James' sister was Fannie Lemira Moran
Fannie married James Benjamin Ezzell
James was the half brother of Harrison "Harry" Ezzell
Harry married Annie P. Sharp
Annie's  sister  was Martha E. Sharp
Martha married George Washington Crawford
and their daughter was Martha Sharp"Sunny" Crawford.

Sunny married Prince Alfred Von Auersperg and had two children: Princess Annie-Laurie and Prince Alexander Georg.  She and Prince Alfred divorced.  Sunny married Claus Von Bulow in 1966. A year later their daughter Cosima was born. Sunny died under suspicious circumstances in 2008.

That's it in a nutshell.  I'll be writing more about this interesting family connection at a later date.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Unknown Girl by Bingham of Memphis Tenn pre-1897

This is a beautiful picture of an unknown girl.  The photographer's mark is Bingham, Memphis Tennessee.  There seem to have been two Binghams in the Memphis Area.  Benjamin Bingham was the oldest photographer in Memphis when he died at the age of 63 in 1897 *Anthonys Photographic Bulletin no. 28 page 273.

There was also Brown H. Bingham who was in business with his uncle in the 1880's and then he opened his own shop in the late 1890's.  I'm thinking that Benjamin Bingham was Brown H. Bingham's Uncle and that Brown went into business for himself at the death of his uncle in 1897.

Of course I could be totally wrong!.  Either way this photograph of an unknown female relative was definitely taken in Memphis by someone named Bingham.

What I find interesting are her fingernails.  It looks to me as if they are painted and yet I don't know if finger nail paint was around at that time and if it was, would a well brought up young lady be wearing something so scandalous as fingerpaint?

The Finis Garrett Connection

Finis James Garrett is my husbands second cousin twice removed through the Harris family of Carroll County Tennessee.  Finis was born in Weakley County August 26, 1875, the son of Noah J. Garrett and Virginia C. Baughman.  He married Elizabeth Harris Burns.  She was the great grand-daughter of Williamson Harris and Elizabeth Battle Perry.  She and Finis had two children, Virginia Lee Garrett and Burns Garrett.

The family picture was taken June 29, 1953 on the eve of Jimmy's wedding.  I believe they are referring to James Henderson Moran IV.  Seated from left to right:  Virginia Lee Garrett, Elizabeth (Bess) Harris Burns, Finis James Garrett, and Burns Garrett.

Finis served in the US Congress from 1905 - 1929.  He had a failed Senate bid but was appointed judge of the  US Court of Customs and Patent Appeals by President Calvin Coolidge.  He later was appointed presiding judge of the court by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1937 and served until his retirement on September 15, 1955.  Finis died in Washington DC on May 25, 1956.  He and his wife Elizabeth are buried in Sunset Cemetery in Dresden, TN.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Major Samuel Sharp (CSA) and Family

Major Samuel Sharp
Today I'd like to present Major Samuel Sharp and his grand-daughter Ida May Sharp. He was the son of Henry Raiford Sharp and Mary Chambers. Major Sharp served in the Confederate States of America and was in the same unit as John W. Moran, the 31st Tennessee.  He was born in McNairy County Tennessee on February 20, 1838 and died in St. Louis Missouri on December 16, 1906 at the home of his daughter, Ida Lee Sanders..  His wife was Mary Jane Idotha "Dosh" Fulghum.  Samuel and Dosh had five children:  Ida Lee Sharp 1867-1945, William Raiford Sharp 1875-1878, Elmer Clinton Sharp 1877-1942, John Benjamin Sharp 1879-1912 and Thomas Jefferson Sharp 1881-1913.

His grand-daughter, Ida May Sharp, is the daughter of his son Elmer Clinton Sharp and Edna Browning Sykes.  Her step-mother was Louise L. Sharp.  According to information on Ida May was born September 3, 1905 and died May 23, 1996 in Jackson Mississippi. She married Leon White Burton.   The picture we have is signed and dated 1911, Corinth Mississippi.

There may be another connection between the Moran and Sharp families.  Samuel Sharp's son, John Benjamin Sharp had a son named Carl MORAN Sharp 1901-1984.  He in turn named his son Carl MORAN Sharp Jr. 1933-2004.  In the obituary below another son is listed as Kenneth MORAN Sharp but according to Sharp family sources Kenneth's middle name was Darwin, not Moran.

Sophia E. Ezzell and John Williamson Moran
about 1905
Are the Sharps related to the Moran's or did they give them the Moran name in honor of the friendship between Major Samual Sharp and Captain John W. Moran?   It seems most likely that the Sharp's used the Moran name because of the friendship and military connection of Samuel and J.W.  I am presuming that the reason we have Ida May Sharp's picture is because the two men both had grand-daughters about the same age and they probably exchanged pictures as proud grand-parents like to do!  J.W. Moran's grand-daughter was Sophia Eleanor Ezzell, 1898 - 1995.

Ida May Sharp

Here is the obituary for Carl Moran Sharp Jr:

CORINTH - Carl Moran Sharp, 71 died Friday, July 23, 2004, at his home.  He was born April 6, 1933, to Carl Moran Sharp Sr. and Maude Mahar Sharp.  He was a retired accountant for the Richards Medical Company.

Services will be at 2pm Wednesday at the Corinthian Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev Ralphp Culp officiating.  Burial will be in Henry Cemetery.

Additional services will be at 10 am Saturday in the chapel at White Station Church of Christ in Memphis.

Survivors incude a son, Jeffery Lynn Sharp of Memphis; a daughter, Laurie Anne Sharp of Pflugerville, Texas; two brothers, Billy Fred Sharp of Memphis and Joseph Franklin Sharp of Cleveland, Tenn.; six granchildren.

He was preceded in death by his wife, Anne Robinson Sharp; his parents; a son, Steve Sharp; and two brothers, James Logan Sharp and Kenneth Moran Sharp.

On the telephone at the Timberlake Home

This photo is an inverted image from a negative we have which was taken by William Timberlake of Jackson Tennessee.  I really like it because it shows a woman, possibly Ida Moran Timberlake, using a telephone.  This would've been taken in the early 1900's at the Timberlake home.  For more pictures of the exterior and interior of their home check out my earlier blog post.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

1917 - The Cobb Home, Union City Tennessee

This picture postcard features the home of Marion Moran and her husband Charles Henry Cobb.  The home is located in Union City Tennessee at the corner of N. Home and E. Main Street. The little girl in the front yard is their daughter, Caroline Elizabeth Cobb.  The post card was sent to Marion's brother, Charles Harrell Moran.

"Teatot isn't coming until next Friday, however, would be glad to ha eyou spend this Sunday and next with us too.  Devotedly, Marion."  Dated Aug 20, 1917.  Teatot is the nickname they had for their sister Ida Morehead Moran.  Ida was married to William Gilmer Timberlake and they lived in Jackson Tennessee.

And this is how the house appears today.

 This is a front and side view.

Here we have a front view.

And this is a side and back view.