Monday, September 19, 2011

Can Your Cornfield Rest Secure?

The Moran's have been merchants, bankers, legislators and farmers.  This entry is dedicated to the farm. Sometime about 1910 they needed a silo and they wanted the best.  Apparently the concrete silo's developed by the Polk-Genung-Polk Co. of Fort Branch, Indiana were among the best.  

Here is a four page brochure from the McAdoo Construction Co., Builders, of Union City, Tennessee advocating the Polk System of Silo's.  McAdoo touts them as "Lasting forever" and perhaps they do as evidenced by the last picture on this page.  They might last forever but are they usable forever?

Be sure and scroll down to see the picture of Uncle Brud Moran and the silo taken shortly after it was built around 1910 then see the picture of it as it stands today.  I think it looks like the remains of a magnificent castle overgrown with trees and weeds sitting on the back acreage the family home.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4, that silo is the one built on the Moran Farm.

That's Uncle Brud, Charles Harrell Moran, at the base of the new silo.

This is the silo as it stands now.  

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