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Gaines William Adams, 1837 - 1892

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He is buried at Leavenworth National Cemetery.
Gaines William Adams was born in Kentucky, most likely Pulaski County, in 1837.  He is the son of Absalom Adams (1803 - 1862) and Cyntha Evans (1805 - 1879) and the brother of my husbands great great grandfather, Cyrennus (Cy) W. Adams (1826 - 1893).  While Cy and his wife, Mary Elizabeth Cummins (1843-1881) stayed in Kentucky some of the other Adams' moved to Missouri.

Absalom and Cyntha Evans are buried in the Old School Presbyterian Cemetery in Clinton County Missouri as is Rachel S. McWilliams Adams, Gaines' wife.  In addition, their son William (Willie) S. Adams (1870-1887) is also buried in this cemetery.  

During the Civil War, Gaines William Adams was appointed Sergeant in Company H, 4th Regiment Missouri State Militia Cavalry, April 1862.  He enlisted in March 1862 and was discharged April 1865.  We don't usually have a physical description of people but according to the records from the U.S. National Homes for Disabled Soldiers when he was age 52 he was 5'8" tall, light complexion, blue eyes and light colored hair.  He was listed as a farmer.

Appointed Sergeant, April 1862.
It seems that as fast as you get appointed you can get reduced back to private.  In November, 1862, a few days shy of 6 months, Gaines was reduced from Sergeant and sent back to the ranks.

Reduced back to private, Nov. 1862.

Then in January 1865, Gaines receives a Special Order.  He is detailed as an orderly and is to report immediately to Jefferson City for duty.

Special Order, detailed as an orderly and to report immediately to Jefferson City.

Civil War Service Application, 1888
This record comes from the U.S. National Homes for Disabled Veterans. He was admitted in January 1888.  He died there November 19, 1892 from a ruptured left ventricle. He left behind "letters and trinkets" and forty cents which were all sent to Mary.

Gaines William Adams is buried at the Leavenworth National Cemetery and was provided with a military headstone.

Military Headstone provided for a deceased veteran.

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