Saturday, September 10, 2011

Genealogy Creep

Genealogy Creep, sometimes known as Genealogy Spread.  Caused by the ever increasing desire for another place to sift through old, dusty, moldy, dirt laden "treasures" requiring more and more room to place items of interest to be researched for that next blog entry, scanning project or a place to sort those boxes you're waiting to pick up on that next visit to the family home.

Symptoms: watery itchy eyes, sneezing, and sniffling due to the dirt and dust. A noticeable change in demeanor when people try to "touch" your stuff or even worse move it!  An insatiable urge to join sites such as and Genealogybank.  Poking around in cemeteries and knowing more about your dead relatives than your live ones.

Treatment:  At this time treatment options are limited but include Benadryl, learning relaxation techniques, practicing yoga, and limiting computer time.  :)

Genealogy Creep has been known to be contagious!

This used to be the dining room table.  Now it's a victim of "genealogy creep" and is just
one of the many places in our home that have been taken over by the past.

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