Monday, February 20, 2012

Charles Harrell Moran, age 78

Charles Harrell Moran aka
Uncle Brud
This picture was taken in October 1954 in Uncle Brud's room in the Moran home, he was 78 years old at the time.  His bedroom was on the first floor.  Although Brud had a lot of lady friends during his younger years he never married and he spent his entire life at Moran Place. He was born February 17, 1876 in the original Moran home on the same property.  The Victorian wasn't built until 1895.  

Picture over his shoulder. Either
Sophia Riley Gunn Moran or
her daughter Fannie Lemira Moran

On either side of the fireplace are hanging two portraits but in this image you can only see the one above his shoulder.  We aren't sure if this is a young Sophia Riley Gunn Moran or if it's her eldest daughter Fannie Lemira Moran.

Sophia Riley Gunn Moran

This is the picture that was hanging on the other side of the fireplace.  We know for sure this is Sophia Riley Gunn Moran, the wife of John Williamson Moran and mother of Uncle Brud and Fannie Lemira Moran.

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