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Margaret Cuthbert Ezzell and Margaret Rhett Ezzell, Mother and Daughter

A year or two after her dazzling wedding to John Moran Ezzell, the couple were blessed with a daughter.  Named appropriately Margaret Rhett Ezzell.   At the birth of John and Margaret's (Peggy) son they named him after his grandfather James Benjamin Ezzell who had passed away in 1941.

Many people thought the B in James Ezzell's name stood for Battle and it is even what is carved on his tombstone but according to his death certificate his middle name was Benjamin, not Battle but that's another blog post entry on my to do list.

The pictures byline says they were visiting the home of John Ezzell's sister.  Before she was Mrs. Matthew Hughes Dobson Jr, John Ezzell's older sister was Sophia Eleanor Ezzell.  Known to succeeding generations of relatives as Aunt Sophie.  In many ways she was the inspiration for this blog.

After their wedding the Ezzell's lived in South Carolina but at some point it appears they moved to Nashville and lived there for quite a few years.

Margaret Rhett Ezzell
Yearbook Picture
Harpeth Hall

Margaret Rhett Ezzell attended and graduated from Harpeth Hall, a prestigious all girl college preparatory school located in Nashville Tennessee.  She was a member of the Angkor Club, a cheerleader, Club vice-President, Junior Classical League, French Club, Science Club, Student Council Representative, Sophomore and Senior Class Cheerleader. Her pet peeve was listed as summer romances.  Her future forecast was Official keeper of the "Sewanee Date Book".

Apparently the future forecast was incorrect as she attended Hollins College in Roanoke Virginia, another all girl school.

Like her mother before her, Margaret Rhett was presented into society at a Christmas Debutante Ball in Charleston South Carolina.  In addition, another young lady was presented, Miss Pamela Gunning Caples.  The Caples and Pringle families were old friends of the Ezzell's and Cuthberts so it was fitting that their daughters made their debut into society together.

The News and Courier
Dec 26, 1959
Miss Caples and Miss Ezzell Make Their Bows to Society Christmas Day
Two more of Charleston's debutantes made their bows to society here at a Christmas Day Ball held last night in the Gold Room of the Francis Marion Hotel.

Miss Pamela gunning Caples, a daughter of Mrs. John T. Welch Jr, of 29 Begare St., and Miss Margaret Rhett Ezzell, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John M. Ezzell of Nashville, Tenn., were presented by their parents.

Receiving with their parents, the debutantes both wore the traditional white and each carried a bouquest of talisman roses.

Miss Caples wore a satin gown with Rhinestones and appliqued beads on the bodice and front panel.  Her full skirt was caught with a bow at the waistline.

Miss Ezzell's dress was of satin, appliqued with lace, and embroidered with sequins and seed pearls.

Mrs. Welch chose an aqua flowered Chinese silk brocade dress and wore a white orchid corsage.  Mrs. Ezzell wore a gold brocade gown and a similar corsage.

Arrangements, of magnolia leaves and gold Christmas balls were used as decoration for the event, carrying out the golden theme through the entire ballroom.  A large arrangement of talisman roses flanked by brass containers holding gold-colored leaves, decorated the mantel.

Miss Caples, a granddaughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. Ashmead F. Pringle and the late Col. and Mrs. William G. Caples, is a graduate of Ashley Hall and now attends Converse College, Spartanburg.

Miss Ezzell was graduated from Harpet Hall and is now attending Hollins College, Roanoke, VA.

Out of town guests included Miss Caples' uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. W. Benton Pipkin, and thier son Mr. Ashmead Pringle Pipkin, all of Reidsville, N.C.

Miss Caples and Miss Ezzell were also honored Christmas Eve with a reception given by Mr. and Mrs. John E.F. Maybank, 39 South Battery, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Latane Montague of Asheville, N.C. at the South Battery Address.

Today Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dabney Tucker, Jr., of 2 Water St. will be hosts at an oyster roast at their home from 5-7pm The party will honor Miss Anne Johnston Bailey, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Herndon Bailey.

At 8 p.m. a reception will be held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. Trenholm Hopkins, 39 East Battery, honoring her daughter, Miss Mary Alston Osgood.

At 10 p.m. Miss Grayson Hanahan Carter will be formally presented to society by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Hayward Carter of Millbrook Plantation at a dance at the Francis Marion Hotel.

Tomorrow Mrs. Marguerite Sinkler Valk will hold a reception at her home, 42 Meeting St, from 3:30-7:30 p.m. Honored guests will be Miss Joan Leonard Hitt, a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Melvin Hitt Jr.; Miss Vida Barnwell Fitzsimons, a daughter of Mr and Mrs. Waveland Sinclair Fitzsimons Jr., and Miss Osgood.

At 8 p.m. tomorrow Mr. Charles Heyward Jervey, 7 King St. will be a host at a supper party at Old Twon Club for Miss FitzSimons and Miss Susan Blythe of Greenville.

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