Friday, September 7, 2012

From Dancing to Earthquakes Just that Quick

I came across an invitation for Fannie Moran to attend the W.C.G. Dance in Atlanta Georgia dated January 3d, 1890.  Enclosed with the invitation was a calling card from J.A. Rogers Jr that said "Will I see you next summer?"  

W.C.G. Club
January 3d, 1890
at the residence of Mr. Wm. Hawks (possibly Hanks)
220 Washington Street,

Atlanta GA

Donald Loyless, Chairman
Gus Mitchell
Walter Howard

John A. Rogers was the son of John A Rogers Sr and Martha Elizabeth Hawkins.  His sister Mary Boyd Rogers married James A. "Bump" Irvine making John Rogers Jr a cousin of Fannie Moran and perhaps a romantic interest since he was asking her to the dance.  

He was born in 1872 and died March l0, 1933.  He didn't marry Fannie, I don't even know if she attended the dance with him.  He ended up marrying someone named Vera F.  I've tracked him and Vera from Tennessee to Denver Colorado and finally they ended up in the Long Beach California area which was not such a good thing because John and his wife Vera perished in the 1933 Los Angeles/Long Beach Earthquake.  115 people lost their lives and countless others were injured. 

It always amazes me how I can pick up something as innocent as a dance invitation only to find that some of the people involved died in horrific circumstances.

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