Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oct 1880, I have got my money

This postcard was written to John W. Moran by John Almus Gardner.  The Gardner's were cousins of the Moran's.  I know of at least two John A. Gardner's.  The first, Colonel John A. Gardner was born in 1809 in Tennessee and died in 1892 in Gainesville Texas.  His first wife was Ritty Terrell.  After her death he married Agnes Hunter Cowardin who I am still doing research on because the Cowardin's are also relatives of the Morans.  I did a blog post previously about one of their children, Josie Lee Gardner.  The second is Dr. John Almus Gardner, the son of Jeptha and Emily Gardner and the nephew of Col John A. Gardner.  He married Martha Emaline Bondurant, the Bondurants are also distantly related to the Moran's.

Either way it's a link to the past, a piece of ephemera that has survived 132 years.

Mr. John Moran
Dresden Tenn

Gardner 22 Oct. 1880
Give Mr. Thomas his receipt and my thanks. I have got my money all right.

Jno. A. Gardner

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