Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Fort Worth TX Landmarks ca. 1900

I know the Moran's took some trips out west and these pictures of Fort Worth TX landmarks could've been souvenir photo's of a trip. They also had family living in Fort Worth.  Maibelle Shumate of Newbern TN married Newton Temple Harris of Fort Worth TX  in 1906/1907.  So maybe these are from the Harris clan in Texas.  No matter what their origin they were important enough to someone in the Moran family to keep them.

I've included this image so you can see what they look without
any touchup.
Fort Worth City Hall
So far I've found five dark images of Forth Worth Texas Landmark buildings.  Each picture was annotated on the back which was very helpful.  Kudo's to whichever ancestor took the time to annotate the photographs: the Courthouse (Front and back view), Union Depot, the High School and City Hall.

They haven't been treated too kindly through the years and were in a trunk in the attic of Moran Place.  They are dark, water stained, and scratched. Plus the cardboard backings were warped which meant it was not easy to get a flat scan because I was worried the boards might break.

Fort Worth City Hall when I ran it through paint.net.
You can see barrels and trash from what we're assuming
is construction.

Fort Worth Courthouse from the back.

Fort Worth Courthouse from the front.

Fort Worth High School

Fort Worth Texas Union Depot.

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