Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Mason Harrell Ezzell ca 1915

It's always wonderful to come across a picture that has been annotated but sometimes that presents more questions than it answers.  We have a baby picture and on the back is written "Mason Harrell Ezzell 3 months and 4 days old".  I thought for sure it would be easy to figure out who this baby was and where he belonged on the family tree but I'm a bit stymied.

My best guess is that he is the son of Robert Andrew Ezzell Sr. and Susan Harrell.  Robert's father was Mason Ezzell.  I had assumed that the baby's name was a combination of his grandfather and his mother's maiden name creating Mason Harrell Ezzell.  The photographers mark is Dyersburg Tennessee and it looks like it says "Darnell" for the studio.  Robert and Susan were married in Dyersburg in 1900 and were living in Dyersburg up into the 1920's. Which seems like a good indicator that I have the right Ezzells. However, I can't find where they had a son by that name.  There is a Thomas Mason Ezzell and a James Harrell Ezzell but that's as close as it gets.

So I began looking at the other Ezzell's who might have had a baby around the same time period but that didn't work out either.  My best hope is that some day an Ezzell descendant will do a web search and come across this page and hopefully be able to clear up the mystery about Mason Harrell Ezzell.

I keep coming back to speculation.  If it is a son of Robert and Susan perhaps it's a case of changing their mind on the name.  Perhaps this could be Thomas Mason or James Harrell.  Perhaps it could be a child they had that died young and doesn't appear in any records that I've been able to find.  Whatever the case may be, he was a cute little thing.

Of course the other connection to the Moran family is not just via the Ezzell name.  The Moran's have their own Harrells: Charles Harrell Moran and Nathan Harrell Moran, my husbands great uncle and his father.

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