Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Mother and Child Framed Print

This framed piece measures 21" x 23"

I have no clue where the above print is from.  It captures so perfectly the touching moment of a mother reading to her child.  I especially like the doll in the chair and the picture hanging on the wall in the background.  It reminds me so much of the front parlor of Moran Place.

You can see the line though that goes across the picture which probably means it was folded prior to being framed.  When I removed the picture from the frame to clean the glass I was hoping to find a caption saying where it came from, a title or artist or perhaps a magazine, but no such luck.  So I'm left to wonder if it was a magazine or newspaper insert that caught one of the Moran's eye.

In any case it's a very charming print of a mother and child and now hangs in our hall.

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