Friday, April 18, 2014

Fannie's Pink, Green and Black Silk Parasol

One traveling trunk that belonged to Fannie Moran held many treasures, mostly clothing.  There were nightgowns, children's clothing, booties, feathers, fans, hats and such.  

One item was carefully wrapped with green paper and tied with a pink ribbon. 

 Carefully opening the package it revealed a very fragile silk parasol with bamboo handle.

I wanted to open the parasol but wasn't sure I wanted to risk damaging the fragile fabric.  I decided to open it up and take a couple of photographs.

You can see the holes near the top center and a few smaller holes here and there, possibly moths?  I didn't open  it all the way for fear of tearing the fabric. 

After photographing the parasol back in 2011, it was wrapped back up and has not been opened again.

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