Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dresden Men in the News, July 1879

If the state debt is compromised and the property taxed to pay the interest who will it fall upon--the owners of taxable property.  We have seen and conversed with quite a number of this class of men--for instance, A.M. BOYD, G.R. BRASFIELD, B.D. IRVINE, G.W. MARTIN, M.P. MARTIN, Alfred GARDNER and J.W. MORAN--worth in the aggregate about $600,000 and owning about 30,000 acres of land.  These men are all warm supporters of the compromise measure, and if such men, who pay largely of the taxes, are willing to vote this tax upon themselves, ought not the poor man who will not pay one dollar of the taxes (for the poll tax goes to the school fund) vote for the compromise?  Can you find ten men in the county worth as much as the seven above named who will vote against the compromise?  We think not.
--Dresden Our Country
Posted in The Milan Exchange July 17 1879, page 1.

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