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Painting by J.C. Capella, ca late 19th/early 20th Century

Artist Self Portrait
From WikiGallery
Most  artwork in the Moran home were simple pieces but there were a few large oil paintings. 

One painting we have is signed J.C. Capella and is a beautiful pastoral seen with thatch roof homes and cows at the stream. The painting hung in Moran Place for at least a hundred years and most likely in the same spot, the upstairs sitting area above the sofa. 

We don't know when or where the painting was acquired but we speculate that it may have been on a trip to New York, Cincinnati or St. Louis.  It's also possible that Uncle Brud purchased the painting when he took a cruise to see the new Panama Canal.  During that trip he made stops in Cuba and other ports of call.

Pastoral Scene by J.C. Capella.  With frame approximately 31" H x 45" W.

Artists signature: J.C. Capella
The picture has darkened quite a bit but with flash and some photoshop manipulation we get a better sense of its beauty. I've included a closeup of the artists signature.

John the Baptist and Herod
J.C. Capella
It has been suggested that J.C. Capella wasGiulia (Julia) Cheli Capella, born about 1874 in Florence Italy.   Like many artists, Giulia painted Biblical scenes such as this one of John the Baptist and Herod. 

Not much is known about J.C. Capella except that she was living at 28 via Venti Settembre in Florence Italy in 1915 and that she died in 1919.


  1. I, Francesco "Paco" Capella, from Orlando, FL, USA, am the responsible for suggesting pittore italiano Francesco "Daggiù" Capella as the Grandfather of Giulia Cheli Capella in a comment I posted in " Board". The truth is that it was my best guesstimate and wishful thinking from my part. If at all, Daggiù probably is her 2nd Great Grandfather(uncle). I said so given the fact that both painters have the same surname, same Italian origin and same "likes". BUT I COULD BE WRONG, since up to present writing I've been unable to find any genealogical information on Giulia Cheli Capella. Please go to the following URL:, where I am building up some genealogical information on Giulia Cheli Capella.

    1. Thank you for the clarification on that Paco. I removed that line from the post so as not to confuse anyone.

  2. Hi Mary, that's OK!!!

    Hey, I copied your painting photos and uploaded them into my Family Tree in Go to, to check it out.

    Greetings and best regards,
    Orlando, FL

  3. Hi Mary.

    My mother owns a painting by J.C. Capellar, whose signature looks very much like the one on your photo on this webpage. The label on the back of the painting says Mohawk Falls, Mohawk Valley. I believe this to be in the Adirondack Mountains of New York.

    I found Joseph C. Capellar in the 1905 census who was a landscape painter born in 1861 in New York. I believe this to be our painter. I imagine your painting was done later if his life, as it is much more mature than my painting of a mill with the falls in the background.

    I will share photos of my painting, if you are interested.

  4. Yes thank you. Love to see photographs of your painting.