Monday, January 11, 2016

Brasfield and Moran, 1924-25

Found these two photographs and few others stored in a Loveman's Department Store Box and were annotated for Kent from his mom, Ria Moran.  The first photo features Richard Brasfield, Nathan "Bub" Moran and his young sister Louise.  Taken late 1924 or early 1925.  I'm guessing that Richard is Richard Duane Brasfield, son of Roy West Brasfield and Johnnie Costen Bobbitt, born in 1919. He married Ruth Anne Bowlin in 1942 in Nashville, TN. He studied medicine and became a physician specializing in Cancer Research at New York City Hospital.  Dr. Brasfield passed away in 1970.  

left to right:
Richard Brasfield, Marion Louise Moran and Nathan "Bub" Moran

The second picture was taken in the side yard of Moran Place, about 1925-26, and features Bub and Louise Moran. Bub and his sister were very close.  Even when he was away at college and early in the military he kept pictures and letters from his sister Louise in his footlocker.

Loveman's Department store.  

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