Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pigue, Manier, Hall & Co., Nashville TN 1874

Here's a neat piece of business ephemera from Nashville, TN dated Dec. 2, 1874, from the Office of Pigue, Manier, Hall & Co."  A quick search told me that they were "manufacturer's and wholesale dealers of boots and shoes.  The search also produced an introducing result from "The People's Paper" of Huntingdon, Tennessee dated September 1, 1874:  "John C. Ezzell with Pigue, Manier, Hall, & Co. manufacturers and wholesale dealers in boots and shoes."

Being no stranger to the Ezzell name since Fannie Moran married James B. Ezzell, I immediately checked the family tree and found a John Chambers Ezzell. If my research is correct he was the son of Benjamin Gilbert Ezzell and Elizabeth Jetta Allen.  Benjamin G. Ezzell was a brother of Mason Ezzell, the father of James Ezzell making John C. and James B. first cousins.  It's just supposition on my part but it seems very possible that it's the same John C. Ezzell.

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