Saturday, June 4, 2011

Carolyn Elizabeth Cobb and Joseph Linton Godown - Marriage

Wedding invitation for Louise Moran and Harrell Moran II to attend the marriage of Carolyn Elizabeth Cobb (b.April 24 1907 d. June 2 1997) to Mr Joseph Linton Godown (b March 25 1906 d. March 29 1992), June 8, 1938 in Nashville TN.  Carolyn was Godown's second wife and was the daughter of Charles Henry Cobb and his first wife, Marion Moran Cobb.  The invitation reads "Mr and Mrs Charles Henry Cobb announce the marriage of their daughter Carolyn Elizabeth" but in reality Carolyn's mother, Marion Moran Cobb, died in 1934 after jumping from a bridge so the Mrs. Cobb mentioned in the invitation would've referred to Cobb's second wife and not the mother of Carolyn.

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