Saturday, June 4, 2011

Marion Louise Moran and Nathan Harrell Moran

These photographs came from a set of negatives that were found in the Moran home.  The envelope said "The Dawson Kraft-Shop Columbia, Tennessee."  We think they were taken in the early to mid 1930's.

Marion Louise Moran on the steps of Moran home, Dresden TN. born Sept 24th 1923

Garage and workshop behind the Moran home.

Nathan Harrell (Bub) Moran with  kittens on the grounds of Moran Place, Dresden TN. born 1918

Nathan Harrell (Bub) Moran with puppies on the north side of the Moran home, Dresden TN

Nathan Harrell (Bub) Moran with an unknown servant on the backsteps of the Moran home. Dresden, TN

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