Sunday, June 12, 2011

Charles.H. Moran's Tinbox

Today I came across a tinbox that had belonged to Charles H. Moran, known to most people as Brud.  There are nine items in the box: 
  1. Reunion U.C.V Louisville, June, 1905 badge picturing John C. Breckinridge
  2. Reunion U.C.V Louisville, May, 1900 badge picturing Robert E. Lee
  3. Metal badge edged in filigree, engraved with C.H. Moran
  4. One old key
  5. A small leather pouch, probably contained item no. 1
  6. One cravat (bow tie), that would have gone over a collar
  7. 8 "Best French Bone Collar Buttons" made in France (still attached to blue card)
  8. Leather cardholder with a lion, possibly embossed or drawn on it
  9. Small black holder that says "Compliments of T.A. McElwrath, Dresden, Tenn." on one side and on the other it says "Hamilton, Brown Shoe, Largest Shoe House in the World".  The inside panels say ""Hamilton Brown Shoe Co.'s Security School Shoes, Wear Longest" and "American Lady for women. American Gentleman for men.  In each shoe is reflected the Sterling Quality of Its Namesake".

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