Monday, June 13, 2011

Images from Times Past

Amongst all of the boxes of paperwork there are so many images of people that we are unable to identify or that have a name but to us, they still are unknown.  These people meant something to the Moran's because they kept the pictures.  And who knows, some of these unknown people may be unidentified relatives. No matter who they are, I intend to memorialize them in this blog. 

This first image is almost lost to us simply due to age and exposure to light.  There's nothing to indicate who he was but the photo was taken by R.C. Council in Wingo, KY.

This tintype was found just as you see it.  No frame or protective covering.   Just two interesting  ladies of the day.  I particularly like the bow at the back of the neck of the girl on the left.  Given their austere looking clothing that bow says "Look at me, I have a playful side!" 

And this little girl is Miss Aggie Doherty.  Doing a search on didn't reveal any "Aggie" Doherty's but there were several Agnes Doherty's born in the late 1800's in Tennessee.  Could one of them be her?

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