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The Gunn Family, Nashville City Cemetery

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Only three individual headstones remain in the Gunn Family section
at Nashville's City Cemetery.  However, this Gunn monument marks the
area where the Gunn family is laid to rest.
If you are hoping to find the headstones for members of the Lyman T. Gunn family you will be sadly disappointed.  The stones have been gone for more than a hundred years but you will see the monument marking it as the Gunn Section.  As for individual markers, there are only three Gunn's that have memorials: Lyman C. Gunn, Sallie Boyd Gunn and Ellis M. Gunn. 

In addition, Lyman and Caroline Gunn's son James T. Gunn and his daughter Hattie are buried in the Spring Hill Cemetery, Nashville TN.

Their daughter Sophia Riley Gunn Moran is buried in Moran Cemetery in Weakley County, TN.

Be sure to check out the Nashville City Cemetery website for more information!  Also, the Index of Individuals Buried at the Nashville City Cemetery Recorded in the Interment Books 1846-1979 by last name is available online.

Modern Methods
Nashville, Tennessee
September 7, 1917. Article XI
“The City Cemetery” by Charles A. Marlin
Interesting Account of Some of the Prominent Men
and Women Who Figured in the Early
History of City and State

By Charles A. Marlin.
The Gunn Family.
On the Gunn Lot are buried the following:
Mrs. Mary Hewit Hooe, second wife of Capt. Turner Morehead, of Kentucky, who died in Nashville, Tenn., May 20, 1838. She was a woman of culture and ability and noted for her hospitality and noted for her hospitality. Her husband Capt. Morehead was a soldier in the Revolutionary War, being with Gen. Wayne at Stony Point and was presented with a sword by Gen. Washington for his acts of bravery. She was the mother of Mrs. Lyman Taft Gunn. (I haven't been able to locate a burial location for Turner Morehead yet.  I have some suspicions but till I confirm I'm keeping it to myself.  If by chance anyone else finds his grave I'd love to know about it!)

Dr. Lyman Taft Gunn - Born at Montague, Mass., April 1, 1810, died in Dresden, Tenn., December 1, 1890, at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Sophia Gunn Moran. He was a descendent o the Montague’s of England, his mother being a Montague, and was also connected with the Taft family. He spent the early years of his life with Mrs. Taft (grandmother of ex-President Taft) after the death of his mother. Dr. Gunn was educated in Boston, Mass., and attended the Dental Department of the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated in dentistry. He came to Nashville a few years before the Was, and was one of the first dentists of Nashville, being associated with Dr. Morgan and practiced his profession over forty years, in this city. His office was on what was the known as Spring street, and was one of the leading citizens of Nashville, and a member of the First Presbyterian Church.

Caroline Morehead - first wife of Dr. Lyman Taft Gunn was born in Glasgow, Ky., November 21, 1817, and died in Nashville, November 10, 1855. Was the daughter of Capt. Turner Morehead and Mary Hewitt Hooe Morehead.

Mary Francis Gunn - daughter of Dr. Lyman T. and Caroline Gunn, was born December 9, 1844 and died January 1, 1845; also the following children of Dr. L.T. Gunn and Caroline Gunn:

Wm. E. Gunn, born October 15, 1849, died 1876.

Caroline Louise Gunn, born August 30, 1853, died, July 28, 1857.

Chas. Morehead Gunn, born September 30, 1855, died June 2, 1878.

Lyman C. Gunn, born in Nashville, Tenn., November 16, 1846, died in Nashville, Tenn., August 18, 1914. He was the last surviving member of a family of six children. When a boy 14 years of age he enlisted in the Confederate Army serving with Com- A, First Tennessee Regiment, with Gen. Forrest and the last two years of the War with General Simon Bolivar Buckner as Courier. He was a first cousin of General Buckner, their mothers being sisters. He surrendered with Gen. Buckner at Shreveport, La., in 1865. In recent years he was affiliated with Forrest Calvary [sic], being first Lieutenant of Troop C, and also a member of Frank Cheatham Bivouc [sic].. He was in service of the Express Company out of Chattanooga shortly after the War, being associated with the late Major John. W. Thomas. Was also with the T. & P. Ry. in its early history in Dallas, Texas, also the M.K. & T. Ry. at St. Louis, and he severed his connection with that road in 1900 to become Gen. Freight and Passenger Agent of the Tennessee Central Ry. He was a member of the Moore Memorial Church of Nashville at the time of his death. (He was married to Sallie Boyd Gunn)

Ellis Morehead Gunn - son of Lyman C. Gunn and Sallie Boyd Gunn, who died in Nashville, Tenn., November 6, 1902. He was a soldier of the Spanish American War, being Corporal of Company G, Sixth Missouri Regiment. He served in Cuba, and while there contracted rheumatism which effected his heart and was the ultimate cause of his death.

The Gunn lot is the third lot from the Memorial Gate on City avenue. Nearly every old inhabitant remembers Dr. Lyman Gunn and his book, “Gunn’s Family Medical Adviser,” which had such a sale a few years after the War.

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