Friday, July 15, 2011

Record of the Morehead Family, 1870, by Charles Robert Morehead

This gem was found among the papers belonging to Virginia Shumate Moran.  The cover isn't much to look at but the information this book contains is priceless for those of us who are into family history.  The Moran's are connected to the Morehead family via Lyman T. Gunn (one of the first dentist's in Nashville and a very interesting person in his own right) and his first wife, Caroline M. Morehead.  Lyman and Caroline had four sons and one daughter.  It was their daughter, Sophia Riley Gunn, who married John Williamson Moran.  

This history of the Morehead Family was published 1884 in Nashville, TN, and written by Charles  Robert Morehead.  At the time of the writing many of the people I am researching were still alive as was the case with Dr. Lyman T. Gunn.  C.R. Morehead even indicates that  Dr. Gunn's first wife Caroline Morehead had passed away and that he believed Dr. Gunn was living in Nashville with his second wife and they had no children.  There is no mention as to Caroline's cause of death but I believe it was related to the birth of her son Charles M. Gunn.  He was born in 1855 and she died in 1855 and dying in childbirth or because of puerpural (childbed) fever was a common occurrence.

In my research I have found that Caroline Morehead's mother was Mary (sometimes called Polly) Ann Hewitt Hooe.  At least that's the name I've seen on several sites and in other family trees.  However, Mr. Morehead says her name was Polly Ann Hewitt Hove and since the author was her son, I tend to believe that the name is Hove, not Hooe..  Now I just have to prove it. 

I've only skimmed the book and hope to have it scanned into pdf files so that the original document does not deteriorate any more than it already has.  Till that time we don't handle it very often.

Record of the Morehead Family by Charles Robert Morehead,
Leavenworth City, Kansas, 1870.

Preface page from the Morehead Family History.

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