Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mrs. Simon Bolivar Buckner of Kentucky 1831-1873

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Mary Jane Kingsbury was the daughter of Major Julius Kingsbury and Jane Stebbins of Connecticutt.  She and Second Lieutenant Simon Bolivar Buckner (my husbands first cousin thrice removed) met at Sackett's Harbor when both he and her father were stationed there during the mid to late 1840's.  Buckner went off to the Mexican War and kept up a correspondence with Miss Kingsbury. When he returned they were married in Old Lyme on May 2, 1850. The couple had two children, Lily and Henry.  Henry (1860 - abt 1861) died sometime before the age of two.  Lily (1858-1893) grew to adulthood and married Morris B. Belknap. After suffering from tuberculosis for five years Mary Jane Kingsbury Buckner succumbed to the disease in January 1874.
From the book Simon Bolivar Buckner Borderland Knight by Arndt M. Stickles

Simon Bolivar Buckner was a military man and politician.  He rose to the rank of General in the Confederate States Army and in 1887 was elected Governor of Kentucky. Eleven years after the death of his wife, Mary Kingsbury Buckner, he married Delia Claiborne.  Their son, Simon Bolivar Buckner Jr, went on to have his own impressive military career even reaching the rank of General as did his father.


  1. Would you like a picture of Mary Kingsbury's headstone? She's buried in Louisville's Cave Hill Cemetery.

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