Friday, September 30, 2011

Francis (Fanny) Ann Morehead, 1838-1859, Missouri

Fanny Morehead Belles

Fanny Ann Morehead was the daughter of Charles Robert Morehead (1800-1880) and Francis Fannie Warder (1804-1843).  Her father, Charles Robert Morehead was the brother of Caroline Morehead, the wife of Lyman Taft Gunn.  Their daughter Sophia Riley Gunn married John Williamson Moran and that is the family connection to the Morans. Fanny Morehead is also one of the many grandchildren of Turner Morehead.  In addition, Charles Robert Morehead wrote a history of the Morehead family.

Fanny Morehead married Gill E. Belles October 14, 1858 in Lafayette County, Missouri.  She died July 24, 1859, nine months after the wedding.  It's speculation on my part but I think it's very possible she died in childbirth or had complications with a pregnancy and that she and the child did not survive.    

Gill Belles took a second wife in 1862 named Marinda.  They had four children: Hattie, Fannie (a nod to his first wife?), Eudore, and Tarlton.  Gill died in 1902 and Marinda followed him in 1908.

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