Thursday, January 19, 2012

1901, The Lame Lion's Cub...John Warwick Daniel Jr

In 1901, James Henderson Moran III received an invitation to attend the wedding of his good friend John W. Daniel Jr.

John Warwick Daniel Jr was the son of John Warwick Daniel Sr, a prominent attorney and politician of Lynchburg, Virginia.  John Sr. had served as a Major in the Confederate States and received a debilitating wound at the Battle of the Wilderness which is where he got his nickname, The Lame Lion of Lynchburg.  He represented the state of Virginia in the US House and Senate. He ran for Governor for the state of Virginia but failed to win the election. 

John Jr. was engaged to Mary Edna Bishop, the daughter of a prominent physician in Washington D.C.  They were married in 1901 and had a daughter in 1907 named Mary Edna Eleanor Daniel.  Cadet John Warwick Daniel Jr was photographed by renowned Lynchburg photographer, Adam H. Plecker. Another photograph, done in profile, of John Jr resides at the Lynchburg Museum.

John Warwick Daniel Jr.
Photographed by Adam H. Plecker

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