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Bathsheba Crudup Fowler 1783-1852

Big Buck Rd. Carroll County Tenn
Harris Cemetery is on this road.
People often wonder where their ancestors are buried as is the case of Bathsheba Crudup Fowler (1873-1852) who was married to Bullard Fowler.  Her parents were Josiah Crudup and Elizabeth Ruth Battle.    Bathsheba is my husband's 4th great grand aunt.  I can't prove it but I think it's highly probable that Bathsheba was buried in the Harris Family Cemetery in Carroll County Tennessee.  In the 1850 census of Carroll County Tennessee Bathsheba is listed as living in the household of Elizabeth B.(Battle) Harris, Thomas L.(Larkin) Harris, Virginia F. Harris, and Susan M. Harris.   Bathsheba dies just two years later.

This is what's left of Harris Cemetery.
There are a few bases.  The headstones
have been lost through vandalism.

How was Bathsheba connected to the Harris family?  Elizabeth B. Harris was the daughter of Solomon Ruffin Perry and Mary Louise Crudup, all of North Carolina.  Elizabeth Battle Perry married Williamson Harris, once again of North Carolina.  Elizabeth's mother, Mary Louise Crudup was the sister of Bathsheba Crudup Fowler which makes Bathsheba Crudup Fowler the aunt of Elizabeth Battle Perry Harris.  The Harris' along with several other related family members moved from North Carolina to Carroll County in the early 1800's.

The Harris' had their own small family cemetery which is still in existence but has been vandalized and damaged over the years so that only a few bases are left.  Based on past transcriptions of the cemetery the following people were known to be interred at Harris Cemetery but there is a good chance several more are there as well:
One of the few bases left at the cemetery.
Williamson Harris (1782 - 1840) Williamson is the earliest known burial in the cemetery.
Elizabeth Battle Perry Harris (1795 - 1870) wife of Williamson Harris
Haywood F. Harris (1824-1870) Son of Williamson and Elizabeth Harris
Elizabeth Hairston Woods Harris (1826-1860) wife of Haywood F. Harris
Mary F. Harris (dates unknown and married to an unknown Harris)
Hattie M. Hillsman (1871-1876) and Sallie J. Hillsman (1880-1886) The Hillsman family lived near the Harris family and were related because Elizabeth B. Harris' sister was Mary Arendale Crudup Perry.  She married Reddick Hillsman.  Reddick and Mary Hillsman are buried  in the small Hillsman family cemetery located about a half mile from the Harris cemetery.

The family link from Harris to Moran is through Harriet Harris, the daughter of Williamson and Elizabeth Harris.  She married John Henderson Moran.

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