Monday, March 5, 2012

The Timberlake Home at 399 Highland

Ida Morehead Moran and William Gilmer Timberlake were married November 26, 1902, in Dresden Tennessee.  Probably at the home of her father John Williamson Moran.  They had one daughter, Dorothy Louise Timberlake, who was born in 1906 but died in 1910.  As an aside and just for kicks Justin Timberlake is a distant relative of ours.  He is the second cousin, four times removed of the grand aunt of my husband.  If you see this Justin I'd like to discuss the condition of the Timberlake cemetery with you and how you can help get its sexy back!

At one time they had a huge Victorian home similar to the one in Dresden that Ida's father built but they also had a smaller, more modest but still very elegant home "in town" in Jackson, Tennessee.  That home was located at 399 Highland and still stands today though it has been modified somewhat.

Exterior views, early 1900's.

Interior views of the home.

Ida Moran Timberlake's bedroom.
Ida Moran Timberlake's bedroom.
Another Bedroom.
Possibly William Gilmer Timberlake's bedroom.  The door on the right is to the bathroom.
Dining room.
Dining room.
Living room.  Notice the ornate grand piano on the left.  Ida Moran Timberlake
was an accomplished pianist.
Entrance hall perhaps.
Possibly a sunroom.

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