Friday, April 13, 2012

Confederate $10 note

The Civil War devastated the nation in ways that cannot be imagined.  However it was easy to see the financial devastation left behind.  John W. Moran had just begun his clerking career in Hickman when war was declared. He came back home and with his younger brother Jimmie he enlisted in the Army of the Confederate States of America.  Jimmie Moran died a hero's death at the Guntown Battle Dec. 2, 1864.  John Moran was injured at the Battle of Franklin and taken off the battlefield by his friend W.H. Hilliard.   At the end of the War John Moran went back to his home in Dresden to begin his life again.  He married, had five children and became a successful merchant and banker and was considered very well off when he died in 1912.  

We don't know if this $10 Confederate note was all he had at the end of the War or if he simply kept it as a souvenir and threw the rest away.  All we do know is that he valued it enough to keep it as a treasured memory of the War between the States.  

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