Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Matthew Hughes Dobson Family of Nashville

The Dobson family of Nashville are cousins of the Moran's.  Sophia Eleanor Ezzell was the daughter of Fannie Lemira Moran and James Benjamin Ezzell.  Sophia was the grand daughter of John Williamson Moran.  She was very close to her maternal grandfather and was fascinated by his life and proud of his service in the Confederacy.

Sophia married Matthew Hughes Dobson.  They had five children: Matthew Hughes Dobson Jr (b. 1920), James Ezzell Dobson (1924-1947), John Moran Dobson (b. 1927 d. 1927), Lillian Ezzell Dobson (b. 1932), John Morehead Dobson (1937-1960). 

Aunt Sophie, as she was known, was the primary force behind our decision to research the past and to make it available to others who might be interested in the Moran story.  It was our mission, so to speak.

Left to right:
John Ezzell Dobson, Matthew Hughes Dobson, Lillian Ezzell Dobson (Back), John Morehead Dobson (front), Sophia Eleanor Ezzell Dobson, Matthew Hughes Dobson Jr.
Photo taken about 1940.

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