Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Martha Belle Baum (Marty)

Dr. Harry Lester Baum with his daughter Martha Belle Baum (Marty).
Taken about 1922 on the porch steps of the Baum home in Denver Colorado

This card was attached to
Marty's birth announcement/
baby calling card.

Martha Belle Baum, affectionately known as Marty, was the daughter of Dr. Harry Lester Baum, a prominent Denver physician and Mason, and his first wife Martha Belle Shumate.

Note the shred of blue ribbon
still attached to the card. Perhaps
Harry and Martha had planned
for a boy and didn't have
pink ribbon on hand!

Marty was born July 28, 1919 in Denver Colorado.   We have the birth announcement envelope and calling cards of Marty and her parents that were sent to Mr and Mrs J.H. Moran (James Henderson Moran III and Virginia Shumate Moran).  Virginia was the sister of Marty's mother.

Envelope addressed to
Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Moran 

Marty married Willis Turner Frank and I believe they had at least one child.  In addition, I think she and Willis divorced. At some point it appears that Marty became involved with Vernon V. Porter as a business partner and as "very good friends" as reported in the 1960 case Quandary Land Development Company vs. Vernon L. Porter but parted ways both as business partners and as friends.

Unlike her mother, Martha Belle Shumate Baum, we know that Marty Frank, Martha Belle Baum, passed away in Pinal Arizona in May 1983 but we don't know where she is buried.

If you are a Baum relative we'd like to hear from you.  Perhaps you can fill in some of the questions we have regarding the death date of Martha Belle Shumate and where she is buried and perhaps we can fill you in on your Tennessee relatives. To contact us leave a comment and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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