Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Nathan Harrell Moran abt 1920

This little boy is my father-in-law Nathan Harrell Moran aka Bub.  He was born in Dresden Tennessee on April 8, 1918.  His parents were James Henderson Moran III and Virginia Shumate.  His older brother was James Henderson Moran IV and their younger sister is Louise Marion Moran.

While stationed in Germany he met his future wife Maria Franceska Fuhrman (Ria). Their oldest son Charles Scott Moran was born stateside in Alabama while their youngest son, Nathan Kent Moran, was born in Japan.

During the 1960's the family lived in Kansas City.  They returned to Dresden after the passing of Bub's father in 1968 and took up residence in the family home known as Moran Place.

Bub was a devoted husband and a concerned parent and he was a bit of rebel.  In addition he enjoyed sports and fixing mechanical things.  He was a proud member of the Air Force and was a Major at the time of his retirement.  He liked big cars, airplanes, and the occasional beer.  Bub enjoyed watching Sanford and Son but hated Archie Bunker and All in the Family.

He did not dwell on the past nor was he interested in family history and would probably not understand nor care about our interest in genealogy.  Perhaps that comes from living in a home steeped in family history.

Bubs two children grew up.  Both attended college.  Scott received his Master's degree in Education and Kent, my husband, earned his Ph.D in History.  Both men married and have children thus assuring the Moran name continues.  Bub's wife Ria is alive and doing well at the age of 86!  Moran Place is 117 years old and though it's not as grand as it once was it's still hanging in there.

Bub passed away on January 6, 1982, in the same bed and room where he was born at Moran Place. How many of us will be able say that when our time comes?

His birthday is just a few days away.  He would be 94!

Happy Birthday Bub!


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