Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weakley County TN Fair, ca. 1910

Here are some fun photo's from the Weakley County Tennessee Fairgrounds and race track near Dresden Tennessee.  These were taken in the early 1910's and were found among the photographs belonging to Charles Harrell Moran.

In addition there was a post card photograph of two unknown ladies that we believe was taken at the fair.  Their photograph was made using a new photography technique called Mandel's Positive Process these pictures were made on the spot making a trip to the photographer's studio unnecessary.  Up until this point photographer's worked out of studio's but in about 1913 the Chicago Ferrotype Company produced a Mandel-ette Postcard Camera. This camera was portable and used by street photographers. It made it possible for people to get inexpensive pictures of themselves in everyday situations, such as being at the fair.

The "parking lot" is on the opposite side of the fence at the Weakley County Fairgrounds, horse and buggy style.
The water wagon is being filled from the water tower on this side of the fence.

It looks like there was even a campground area at the fairgrounds.  Here we have people relaxing
at their tents and there are even some covered wagons parked out there.

If you look closely you'll see the Cherry Transfer Co. bus.  They moved people and were
also a furniture moving company.

I think this was the judges viewing stand at the race track.

Here's another view of the action at the fair.

Harness racing was very popular.  Here is a jockey riding in his sulky.  

Waiting for the race to begin?

Two girls at the Weakley County Fair.  Taken using Mandel's Positive Process Camera.
side one

Two girls at the Weakley County Fair.  Taken using Mandel's Positive Process Camera.
side two

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