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Phi Delta Sigma Directory - Bethel College McKenzie TN 1940's

Nathan Harrell Moran
Nathan Harrell Moran, "Bub" to his friends and family, attended Bethel College in McKenzie Tennessee. Among his papers we found an eight page Directory for the Phi Delta Sigma Fraternity with member listings beginning with Charter Members 1928/29 through Initiated members 1940-41.  Bub Moran was initiated in 1936-37.

I've transcribed the 7 page directory and included scans of the cover, page 1, and the portion of page 5 that lists Bub Moran.

Directory Cover
page 1

COLORS - Black and Gold
FLOWER - Sunburst Rose

Sometime in the winter quarter of the school year 1928-29, eight Bethel College students met in room number eleven, Laughlin Hall, and discussed the need on the campus for a men's organization, of a character so flexible that it could be of service in any capacity.  To meet this need, the eight students decided to organize a fraternity, with themselves as charter members.  Belt KEATHLEY was elected president, Treadwell DAVIS, vice president, and Wylie BRYANT, secretary.

Unfortunately, over certain periods of time, adequate records were not kept.  This was particularly true of the earlier days.  It is the hope of the Directory Committee that information can gradually be accumulated from different sources so that our records of meetings, etc., will be unbroken up to the date where full minutes have been carefully kept.

Phi Delta Sigma has grown to the point where it seems well that a recapitulation should be made.  Many Phi Delta Sigma Brothers have lost contact with each other; many are engaged in interesting occupations and rendering services which others would like to know about.  Most of that information can be found in this directory, and it is hoped that it will be a means of putting old members back in touch with each otehr, and thus arrouse a new interest in the Fraternity and in Bethel College.

Page 1
According to standard fraternity procedure, each member has been given a number, which will be the permanent index for that member.  The assignment of the numbers was also made according to standard practice, the officers of the Charter Group receiving the lowest, the rem,ainder being assigned according to the chronological order of initiation, except when more than one pledge was initiated at one time, in which case they appear alphabetically.

The committee working on this project realizes that in all probability there are many errors, and trusts that when the next Directory is issued (next year, we hope) that the errors will be eliminated.   Above all, we hope we have not left out the name of any man who has been initiated into Phi Delta Sigma.  If the information is not entirely correct, forgive us this time and we promise to do better next.

One star before a member's number, (*21), indicates that the post-card questionnaire was not returned.  Two stars before the member's number, )**76), indicates that he was in school at Bthel this spring and in the Campus Chapter.

page 2
CHARTER GROUP -- 1928-1929

1.  S.B. KEATHLEY, West End High School, Nashville, Tennessee
First President Phi Delta Sigma; President 1929-30, 1930-31; A.B., Bethel, 1931; M.S., University of Tennessee, 1939; Coordinator of Diversified Occupations, West End High School; Associate Professor of Industrial Education, University of Tennessee Summer Sessions.

2.  Treadwell DAVIS, Wesley Hall, Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn.
First Vice President Phi Delta Sigma; A.B., West Tenn. Teachers College, 1931; M.A., Vanderbilt; Candidate for Ph.D. and Teaching Fellow, Vanderbilt University.

3.  Wylie R. BRYANT, 919 Locust Street, Owensboro, Kentucky
First Secretary Phi Delta Sigma; President 1931032; A.B., Bethel, 1930; B.D., Bethel 1934; Pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Owensboro.

4.  Melville (Mark)ANTHONY, 725 Inez Street, Memphis, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1930; B.D., Vanderbilt; Pastor Park Avenue Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Memphis.

5.  Davis BRYSON, Apartado 301, Cali, Colombia, South America
A.B., Bethel, 1930; B.D. Bethel; Pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian, Cali; Missionary to new points, South America.

6.  Haskell MILLER, 518 Emoriland Boulevard, Knoxville, Tennessee
A.B., Southern Methodist University, 1932; M.A., Southern Methodist, 1933; Ph.D. New York University, 1941; Acting Editor of the Missionary Messenger; Author of "The TExas Gang Boy"; Pastor First Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Knoxville.

7.  Lamar NEWPORT, Alamo, Tennessee
 A.B., Bethel, 1932; M.S., University Tennessee, 1940; Superintendent Schools, Alamo; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, 1930-31.

8.  Hinkley SMARTT, Bethel COllege, McKenzie, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1929; Candidate for B.D., and Teaching Fellow, Bethel College; Pastor of Churches in Hopewell Presbytery.

INITIATED 1929-1930

9.  Harry BURNS, 904 Crescent Street, Harriman, Tennessee
Foreman in charge of Perpetual Inventory, Harriman Hosiery Mills.

*10.  David Clar, Woodland Mills, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1930; Teacher, Woodland Mill High School.

11.  Morris POPPER, McKenzie, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1931; B.D., Bethel, 1933; Secretary, Young People's Division, Cumberland Presbyterian Board of Christian Education.

page 3
(1929-1930 continued)

*12.  Buford COOPER,  Buena Vista, Tennessee

13.  Marshall DARNALL, Huntingdon, Tennessee
Principal, Junior High School, Huntingdon.

14.  Joe McDANIEL, R #4, Jackson, Tennessee
Principal, Gardner School

*15.  S.Q. PROCTOR, Overton, Texas
A.B., Bethel, 1933; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1932-22; Pastor, Cumb. Presby. Church, Overton.

16.  Sonnie WALKER, Wardell, Missouri
Office Manager, O.P. Tilghman Company, Wardell.

17.  Billy Woolfolk, R 5, Jackson, Tennessee
Teacher and Coach, Fairview High School.

INITIATED 1930-1931

*18.  Lester EASON, Troy, Tennessee

19.  Louis GHOLSON, Greeneville, Tennessee
A.B. Bethel, 1932; B.D., Bethel, 1935; Pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Greeneville.

*20.  Hershel McLEAN, Alamo, Tennessee

*21.  Roy BRADFORD, Humboldt, Tennessee

*22.  Ralph McKNIGHT, Kenton, Tennessee

*23.  William POWERS, Denver, Tennessee

INITIATED 1931-1932

24.  Cordis WOMACK, Cleveland, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1932; Pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Cleveland

15.  L.M. DRINKALL, New Holland, Illinois
Pastor, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, New Holland

*26.  Joe FIELDS, Kenton, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1934; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1933-34; Teacher, Kenton High School.

*27.  Merritt GEORGE, Lawrenceburg, Tennessee

29.  Dual RUDOLPH, 543 Elm Street, Ludlow, Kentucky
A.B., Western Kentucky State Teachers College, 1935; Graduate work, Duke University; Band Director and Entlish teacher, Geo. Washington High Shool, Ludlow.

29.  Wayne WIMAN, 602 Empire Building, Memphis, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1935; B.D. Bethel, 1936; Supply Pastor, Morning Sun Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Memphis; Asst. Sect. Board of Tithing and Budget, Cumb. Presby. Church; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1934-1935.

30.  Eustis ZUMWALT, Kingsville, Texas
Office Mrg., Cage Hardware and Implement, Co., Kingsville.

page 4
INITIATED 1932-1933

31.  Julian CHAMBERLAIN, 1237 Armstrong Ave., Knoxville, Tennessee
Vice President and Sales Mgr., Quality Coal Company, Knoxville; First Aid Instructor, American Red Cross.

32.  Bill INGRAM, McKenzie, Tennessee
A.B., Texas Christian University, 1934; M.A., Southern Methodist University, 1935; B.D., Bethel, 1937; Pastor Cumberland Presbyterian Church, McKenzie.

33.  John L. JONES, Pine Castle Florida
A.B. Bethel, 1936; Graduate work in Scarritt College and Emory Univ.; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, 1935-1935; Pastor Pin Castle Methodist Church.

34.  Frank WIMAN, Annapolis Elementary Schools.

*35.  Lane ZUMWALT, Bertram, Texas

INITIATED 1933-1934

36.  Bill DYCHE, Key Field, Meridian, Mississippi
Master Sergeant and Special Instructor in Aerial Photography, Mississippi National Guard.

*37.  Jordon GROOMS, Dallas, Texas

38.  Cain TAYLOR, Bradford, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1937; M.A., Geo. Peabody College; Principal, Idlewild School, President Phi Delta Sigma, 1935036.

39.  Sterling PORTWOOD, 759 N. Auburndale, Memphis, Tennessee
Office Manager, United Oil Co., 432 N. Dunlap, Memphis.

INITIATED 1934-1935

40.  Russell DUNCAN, 17 East Peyton Ave., Alexandria, Virginia
A.B., Bethel, 1936; Graduate work, Peabody College; Junior Statistician, United States Government.

*41.  Ewing LATTIMER, Union City, Tennessee

42.  Arleigh MATLOCK, Joinerville, Texas
A.B., Bethel, 1938; B.D., Bethel, 1939; Pastor Mt. Hope Cumb Presby. Church, Joinerville; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, 1936-37.

43.  Emory NEWMAN, Brooksville, Mississippi
A.B. Bethel, 1938; B.D., Bethel, 1940; Pastor Brooksville Cumb. Presby. DHurck; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1937-38.

44. Rhodes SMARTT, 2362 Rusk Street, Beaumont, TExas
A.B., Bethel, 1935; M.A. University of Texas, 1939; Head, Department of Mathematics, Beaumont High School.

page 5

*45.  James ABERNATHY, Pulaski, Tennessee

46.  O.T. ARNETT, 407 N. 87th St., Birmingham, Alabama
A.B. Bethel, 1936; Pastor East Lake Cumberland Presbyterian Church, Birmingham.

47.  Ralph BRANN, Middle Air Depot, Middletown, Pennsylvania
A.B., Bethel, 1937; Second Liert., U.S. Army Air Corps.

*48.  Sam TURNER, Parking Arkansas

INITIATED 1936-1937

49.  Walter CHESNUT, 824 7th Street, Hopkinsville, Kentucky
A.B., Bethel, 1938; Pastor Cumb. Presby. Church, Hopkinsville; Vice Presdient Phi Delta Sigma, 1937-38

50.  Julian HENDREN, Tenn. Industrial School, Nashville, Tennessee
A.B., BEthel, 1938; Teacher, Tenn. Industrial School; Pastor Mr. Pleasant and Central City, Kencuky, Cumb Presby. Churches. (Just Married).

51.  Dan KENNER, Wesley Hall Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn.
A.B., Bethel, 1938; Candidate for B.D., Vanderbilt; President Phi Delta Sigma 1937-38.

52.  Bub MORAN, Hdg. Squadron 23, Orlando Air Base, Orlando, Fla.
Airplane Mechanic

53. Hughston PEYTON, 1028 17th Ave. So., Nashville, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1938; B.D., Bethel, 1940; Graduate work in School of Religion, Vanderbilt; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, 1938-39.

**54.  Archie SMITH, Benton, Kentucky
B.D., BEthel, 1941; Pastor Princeton and Fredonia, Kentucky, Cumberland Presbyterian Churches.

55.  John Stammer SMITH, Petersburg, Tennessee
A.B., BEthel, 1938; Pastor in Elk Presbytery; Teacher, Cornersville High; Sect., Phi Delta Sigma, 1937-38.

*56.  John SPEER, Greeneville, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel College; Pastor of Cumberland Presbyterian Churches in East Tennessee Presbytery; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, Winter Quarter, 1939.

*57.  Albert STEEL, Marlow, Oklahoma
Secretary Phi Delta Sigma, 1937.

58.  Jim WILLIAMS, McKenzie, Tennessee
A.B., University of Tennessee, 1940; Football Coach and Teacher, Milan, Tennessee.

page 6
INITIATED 1937-1938

*59.  Gould BOSTON, Kenton, Tennessee

*60. J.R. BOYD, Dyer, Tennessee

*61.  Courtley BURROUGHS, T.P.I., Cookeville, Tennessee
Student in Tenn. Polytechnic Institute; President Phi Delta Sigma, Winter Quarter, 1939; Pastor, Beech Cumb. Presby. Church, Lebanon Presbytery.

62.  E.C. CROSS, Whiteville, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1938; Pastor of Boliver and Whiteville Cumb. Presby. Churches; Graduate work on B.D., Bethel.

**63.  Joe Ben IRBY, Winsboro, Texas
Secretary Phi Delta Sigma, Fall, 1939; Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, 1941.

**64.  Wilson KEENAN, Humboldt, Tennessee

*65. David KINNARD, Lakeland, Florida
A.B., Bethel; Pastor Cumb. Presby, Church, Lakeland.

**66.  Vance SHULTZ, Ripley, Tennessee

67.  Billy SPARKS, 2318 Highland AVe., Nashville, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1939; Candidate for B.D., Vanderbilt; President Phi Delta Sigma, 1938-39.

68.  Harold SPRINGER, 120 UNIVERSITY< Waxahatchie, TEXAS
Student in Trinity University.

69.  James C. WILLETT, Whitney Texas
Student in Baylor University; Pastor Cumb. Presby. Churches, Corsicana Presbytery, Texas.

INITIATED 1938-1939

70.  James W. CUNNINGHAM, Dukedom, Tennessee
Student in Murray State Teachers College, Murray, Ky.

71.  Lloyd VAN EATON, Newbern Tennessee
Retail Business, Newbern.

**72.  McAdow GAM, Canton, China

*73.  Bill HOLLOMAN, Union City, Tennessee
Secretary Phi Delta Sigma, 1938-39.

**74.  Scott JOHNSON, Wingo, Kentcuky
Vice President Phi Delta Sigma, Spring 1940.

75.  C.E. McCLARAN, 49th Bomber Sqd., Langley Field, Virginia
A.A., College of Marshall, 1940; Second Lieutenant, U.S. Army Air Corps.

**76.  Fret NORTON, Kenton, Tennessee

77.  Charles K. PULLEN, Springville, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1939, Teacher and Coach, Cottage Grove High School.

page 7
(1938-1939 continued)

78.  Jack RAMSEY, Yorkville, Tennessee
Southern Bell Telephone Compnay

*79.  Tilden Richardson, Erin, Tennessee

**80.  L.C. WADDLE, Midlothian, Texas
Secretary Phi Delta Sigma; Winter Quarter, 1940; President Phi Delta Sigma, Winger and Spring, 1941

81.  William WHITE, Huntingdon, Tennessee
A.B., Bethel, 1940; Graduate work, University of Tennessee

INITIATED 1939-1940

**82.  Jim ALEXANDER, McKenzie, Tennessee
Secretary, Phi Delta Sigma, 1940-41

**83.  Virgil BAILEY, Lincoln, Illinois

84.  Montroy BURNS, Maud, Alabama
Attending State TEachers College, Florence, Ala.

**85.  Franklin CHESNUT, Bowling Green, Kentucky

**86.  Hubert COVINGTON, Paducah, Kentucky
President Phi Delta Sigma, Fall Quarter, 1939.

**87.  Ray DOBBINS, Denton, Texas

**88.  Joe KING, Haworth, Oklahoma

**89.  Thurman LEVACY, Longview, Texas
President Phi Delta Sigma, Fall Quarter, 1940.

90.  Allen MINTON, Trenton, Tennessee, R #6
Teacher, Laneview High School

91.  Robert B. SMITH, Selmer, Tennessee

INITATED 1940-1941

**92.  Morris CLARK, Henderson, Tennessee

**93.  Glenn FINLAY, Paducah, Kentucky

**94.  Thomas FORRESTER< Searcy, Arkansas

**95.  Dwight HAMILTON, Humboldt, Tennessee

**96.  Knox MARTIN, McKenzie, Tennessee

**97.  Bob MILLER, Hibbard, Texas

**98.  A.C. SALISBURY, Halls, Tennessee

**99.  Charles TURNER, Springfield, Missouri

**100.  Virgil WEEKS, Paducah, Kentucky

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